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September and October busy for Psychic Spectrum Radio

Sha’ron and Skip, hosts of The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show, embark on a busy September and October. Their program airs Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Here’s what is going on:

RUNE CLASS (9/16 and 9/30): Skip will conduct an intensive, two-day class (on separate weekends), that will teach those in the class all about Runes. Participants will get the history of Runes, and their uses throughout time, up to modern times as we use them today. You will also learn:

How to cast Rune Stones and the proper techniques to read them. You will also learn how to use Rune Cards, and a proper layout for them along with how to read them.

How to tap into your “Psychic Side” and use it, with the Rune Cards and Rune Stones.

How to do some Runic Astrology with the Rune Symbols.

How to perform readings for people you haven’t met.

The fee includes your own deck of cards, and book to help learn the Rune Symbols, a handbook, and a certificate of completion from The Psychic Spectrum.

S.H.E.S. Minister’s Ordination (9/15): Have you always wanted to become a legally, Certified Minister? Now is your chance! Become a Minister and legally perform wedding ceremonies and funeral ceremonies. Also become a certified Earth Steward / Minister, or a certified Healer / Minister. Attend this simple two-hour ordination ceremony, which is open to anyone.

GHOST HUNT (10/13): Imagine a nighttime ghost hunt, in a deserted building! This fascinating experience is open to the public, but a limited amount of attendees, so contact The Psychic Spectrum, and sign up as soon as you can. The event starts at 9:30 p.m. and goes until 12 p.m. This Ghost Hunt is a 45-minute (or so) drive from Fife, Washington.

Learn more about these exciting events here.  

Tune in each week and be amazed as the Psychic Couple discuss the metaphysical world and take listener calls. They bring their audience some down-to-earth guests and make their world real with information and insight worth taking away.

“We believe that the metaphysical is as important as religion and social conscience,” said Skip. “We aim to bring about a person’s wholeness in life. It’s nothing to shy away from, you should embrace your true self and use it, to better yourself,” added Sha’ron.

Sha’ron and Skip are a psychic/medium couple, who have been married for 43 years. They are authors, psychic/mediums, lecturers, teachers, and metaphysical event producers.

For more information, log on here or call 253-335-3340.

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