Robin Alexis launches a new podcast series about past lives

Mystic Radio
Robin and Bob of Mystic Radio

Robin Alexis, host of Mystic Radio for Past Lives, People and Pets, has launched a new podcast about past lives, a subject she is uniquely qualified to discuss. The podcast series is called Past Life Tour Guides.

Robin and Author Brownell Landrum have created the Past Life Tour Guides podcast based on the concept that they think life is a trip – literally.

With their stories, podcast, videos, and other programs, they will take you on a tour of one of the greatest mysteries in existence, one that some of the most brilliant minds in history have also explored, from Pythagoras and Socrates to Benjamin Franklin to General George S. Patton and more! Even Carl Sagan said reincarnation is a topic that deserves more investigation.

Robin and Brownell say that stories about reincarnation and past lives are not only fascinating and illuminating, but they’re fun!

Brownell has written several books, stories, and scripts on this compelling topic, and Robin, besides hosting Mystic Radio, is an exceptionally talented intuitive who has identified hundreds of people’s past lives.

They say their goal is to engage, educate, enlighten, and entertain their audience about past lives.

Join them in their adventures as Robin gives past life readings to very special guests! Find the Past Life Tour Guides podcast where ever you get your podcasts.

And remember to tune in for Mystic Radio for Past Lives, People and Pets, where she will take you on a personal tour of your past lives, and Nels Rasmussin will help you with your pets, when you call-in live, Wednesdays at 12 Noon Pacific, / 3pm Eastern Time at (888) 298-5569 on ALTERNATIVE TALK 1150-KKNW SEATTLE.