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Robin adds new show, Furious Females, to KKNW lineup

Join Robin Alexis for Furious Females starting on Sunday October 29th, 2017.  The one-hour, live weekly radio call-in program designed for women to have an outlet to share their personal stories about how angry they are and how they deal with real anger.

Women will be encouraged to vent about their anger, and work with Robin to share their personal experiences. Women will move from venting, to breakdowns of hopeless rage, to breakthroughs of self empowerment and self confidence!

The subjects discussed will have a broad range, as women have a lot of reasons to be and feel angry.  Furious Females will be An Oasis for Angry Women!

The show’s format will be as follows:  Radio Goddess Robin will open the show  explaining how the show will work with callers.  While the phone lines are lighting up, Robin will do a tarot card reading from the book, “Medicine Cards.”

This will set-up the excitement for the show.  From time to time there could be interviews with special guests, and then Robin will take calls from listeners.

With Robin’s unique style of listening and communication skills, she will work with callers and assist them to become accountable for any toxic passive aggressive anger and feelings of being a victim.

Furious Females will be a safe environment for women to learn about the Alchemy of  Anger Transformation.  Anger will be confronted!  Transformation will happen live on the air!

Furious Females, will be a place where no stone will be unturned,  looking at a women’s accountability to change their own relationship to the energy of anger, even as it relates to other women.

Please join in each week, Sundays, 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

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