Rev. Harriett Walden takes stand against hate


Rev. Harriett Walden, host of Mothers Justice Show heard Mondays at 2 p.m., is taking a stand against hate. On Tuesday, December 7th at 3:30 p.m. at the southeast corner of First and Columbia Streets (downtown Seattle), Rev. Walden will lead a walk across the street to show solidarity and then onto and across First Ave. to take a stand against hate crimes.

Mother’s Justice Show has a mission to increase dialogue in the community about police accountability, constitutional policing and justice.

Rev. Harriett Walden

Rev. Harriett G. Walden, has been a vocal advocate for peace and justice ever since she founded Mothers for Police Accountability in 1990. MFPA is an organization that educates and network with other community organizations interested in addressing excessive police and bias policing. Rev. Walden, was recognize by the Seattle Police Department with “…a Certificate of Appreciation for her assistance in inspiring, designing, and implementing the Crisis Intervention Team January 28, 2000.” She also serves as the Director/Founder of The Family Empowerment Institute in Seattle, Washington where she is leading the efforts on breaking the silence on black on black violence. Rev. Walden is the author of the Pledge of Excellence a guide for parent involvement in the academic achievement of their children. Her new book Repetitious Journaling: Creating a New Groove in Your Subconscious Mind, will be available in the Spring. She has been a Virtues Project Facilitator since 1992.

Rev. Walden is a mother of four children and grandmother of six and has dedicated her life to bettering the human condition. She was appointed by Mayor Mike McGinn to Community Police Commission.