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Rev Bogar: Seeing your soul-making life

Holly HolmquistHolly Holmquist’s guest during her special Thursday, December 8th program at 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. will be Rev Michael Bogar. Tune in to Open Conversations at that time and listen as Rev Bogar gives his unique perspective on seeing your soul-making life. Rev Bogar’s approach is from a full-life experience. He can relate to a wide range of human beings and has a way of communicating to those at the top of their game and those ready to quit. He views life as an educational experience that he sometimes calls soul-making, requiring both negative and positive relationships with people, circumstances, ideas and emotions.
According to him, there is no wasted moment in a soul-making life.
He has taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels and has a proven ability to inform and inspire students ranging from the informal beginner to the serious scholar. Students and audience members frequently comment on his depth of scholarship, personal approach and sense of humor. Michael has acquired two masters degrees in religious and biblical studies, has taught the classical religious texts from many religious traditions and is a very effective teacher of spiritual phenomena.
He is currently completing his doctoral dissertation at Pacifica Graduate Institute where he has studied Jungian Depth Psychology and universal mythologies. The title of his dissertation is: Watching God Grow Up: Reading the Bible as Stages and Modes of Conciousness.

Open Conversations normally airs Sundays, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. here on Alternative Talk 1150. UW Women’s Basketball games have required some of the station’s programming be moved temporarily.

During her show Holly guides you as you learn to operate from your spirituality in everyday life, particularly in the pursuit of living life with purpose. Regardless of religious affiliation or absence thereof, Open Conversations shows you why we are all connected spiritual beings navigating our way through a spiritual world. The thought-provoking show features wide-ranging discussions with various guests from different faiths and walks of life, centered on living life with purpose and spiritual awareness.

Holly’s spiritual work began in 2003 when she accepted an apprenticeship with a Native Healer in Nashville, TN. Two years later, she was ordained as a holistic minister through a hands-on-healing program known as Divine Intervention.

Always a spiritual seeker, Holly has led the work-life balance of both teacher and student around spiritual studies and education. Holly’s spiritual education is varied and includes both religious studies and metaphysical studies. Along with her in-depth spiritual research, Holy also has over 13 years experience with financial institutions as a representative, a loan officer and manager.

With a background in finance, coaching and development, and spiritual study, Holly has designed classes and workshops that explore our beliefs and behavior around money, as well as the core beliefs we live by. Today she works as a Day Minister and Spiritual Mentor. Through private phone and web sessions she mentors clients to live from their authentic selves.

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