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Rebecca and guest discuss suicide’s aftermath

During her Wednesday, June 13th show from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., Rebecca Callahan, host of Soulful Synchronicities, will interview a woman who’s spouse died by suicide. This thought-provoking program comes on the heels of some high-profile deaths by suicide, but as listeners will learn, it’s a problem that has plagued far too many families over the years.
Rebecca’s guest, who will remain anonymous, will guides listeners down the road she walked during the summer of 2012. She will paint a picture of what their family life was like before that dark day, and then especially focus on what happened afterward with regard to self-care for herself and her kids. She will talk about survivor’s guilt, and other related emotions and situations facing the survivors of suicide. Ultimately, she will discuss how to create a safe space to allow survivors to talk about their experience and “simply be” in the moment of healing.
Whether or not you have been directly touched by suicide in your own circle of family or friends, this discussion will leave you with a better sense of what to look for in people who might be struggling to how to empathize with those directly affected by suicide.


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