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Radio and people today

Since radio appeared in the last century, millions people all around the world listen to radio programs every day. You can easily experience how massive is the presence of the radio in our daily life by simply sitting in a waiting room at the doctor or while buying stuff in a supermarket.

Music and radio are everywhere. The first impact of radio on people was astonishing: people started to feel how helpful the radio was because it was the main media channel they could access. Actually, in the early 1900’s in most Countries most people couldn’t read or write and listening was the only way which allowed them to get up to dated on general and historical facts.

Why do people still listen to radio?

Listening to the radioActually this is an interesting question. today we have many more medias and we can get up dating by visiting a news website or reading a newspaper or watching the TV.

However, radio seems to still be the favorite media channel for many persons. This can be explained in many ways. Radio broadcasts music, and many people love radio because of the possibility to listening to some music.

Bu there are also speech radio where you can listen to voices, true stories, testimonials, opinions and debates. In this sense, radio can open people’s mind.

Radio programs

Programs are very different: music, theater, cinema, politics and society, culture, economy and trends. Sometimes you can get to listen to the radio to a speech program talking about gambling. Actually, this is a very current topic being the gambling industry one of the most flourishing on the planet despite the financial crisis.

So, speech programs at the radio tend to debate about the success of games like poker and video poker. Why do people play video games more often than other kinds of games? Questions like this are very frequently object for radio debates.

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