Psychic Spectrum Speakers Bureau: Mandy Arwen

Psychic Spectrum

The hosts of The Psychic Spectrum, Skip and Sha’ron, welcome you to join their Speakers Bureau, Friday, July 17th at 7 p.m.

Mandy Arwen will be the featured speaker and the event is titled: Improving Your Relationships – PDQ

Mandy is a medium and spiritual teacher, and author of Golden Nuggets- Your Guide to Practical Spirituality.

“I love to talk about my presentation of Improving Your Relationships – PDQ,” she said, adding, “I have 7 principles that I teach, and they work!”

She says she can help take you from an ordinary relationship, to an extraordinary relationship, by having you follow seven spiritually-based steps.

“The Psychic Spectrum brings you more opportunities in the Metaphysical and the Paranormal than any other group in the world,” said Skip, adding, “Spend an hour listening to Mandy, then take part if you wish to, in a 30-minute questions and answer period with her.”

Click on this link and register to attend!