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Sneaker Head

This week on Wisdom From the Wardrobe the Michael Bruce Image Consulting Style team, not to be confused with Sty team (tune in for details on that); took a quick foray in to the Cannes film festival. Not the movies but a standout dress of course, because who doesn’t love a stunning glam moment. That wasn’t all that was afoot on the show, the team sprinted their way into the topic of sneakers. A little history on where this footwear of choice started, and how it dominates the fashion and style world as sneakers are no longer just for sports. The team served up what sneaker trends are looking to be on track for a slam dunk in 2023. From New Balance to Adidas Sambas and Gazelles, to Asics and Hoka for a definite athletics vibe to more subtle options, your style team have you covered, they even teases about a new brand of shoe that they wore taking out for a test walk. With some tips on how to wear sneakers with style the team didn’t leave anything off the court. So, lace up your Nike Air Jordans and take a stroll into the world of stylish sneakers. Happy Listening!

Style Trek

Get ready to embark on a stylish expedition as we bring you the latest episode of Wisdom From The Wardrobe with the Michael Bruce Image Consulting style team. In this episode the team will be your style guides on a journey through the realms of stylish travel. Buckle up, as we navigate the sartorial universe, they’ll equip you with the tools to boldly go on your stylish trek. So, join the team on a style odyssey, as they set coordinates for impeccable style. Happy Listening

Accessorize Your Life

Welcome to Wisdom From The Wardrobe with the Michael Bruce Image Consulting Style Team! This week’s episode is all about adding a little something extra, maybe a little sparkle and pizzazz to an outfit. The show kicked off with the “in the news” segment and the excitement and buzz around the Met Gala’s theme of “A Line Of Beauty” paying tribute to the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. And let’s be real, Lagerfeld knew a thing or two about accessorizing! The main topic of the day dives into the world of accessories, from jewelry to clutches, they can transform an outfit from drab to fab with just a few key pieces. We’re breaking all the rules on mixing metals, showing unexpected ways to use scarves, and adding a little something to your shoes to give them new life. As always, we keep it fun and playful, because let’s face it fashion and style should never be too serious. So, grab your favorite beverage, tune in, and get ready to Accessorize Your Life. Happy listening!

Style Dr

Welcome to Wisdom From the Wardrobe podcast, where on this week’s episode style and psychology collide! Join the Michael Bruce Image Consulting team as they dive deeper into the world of style and its impact on our minds.
With special guest, clinical psychologist, Dr Maria Elena Lara, an expert in her field and an avid listener of the show. Together they explore the age-old debate of whether our style is innate or learned, and how it affects our overall sense of self. There is always more! The team also touched on the emotional impact of style advice that was either unsolicited or coming from a generational gap.
So, whether you’re a fashionista, a style guru or just looking to gain some wisdom for your wardrobe, tune in to Wisdom From The Wardrobe for an entertaining and informative ride. Happy Listening!

Capsule Conundrum

Welcome to Wisdom From the Wardrobe with your favorite style-savvy squad – The Michael Bruce Image Consulting team! This week’s episode noted the sad news of the passing of legendary fashion designer Mary Quant, and the team discussed quintessential Quant style. Before moving on to the topic of the week, a dive into the world of capsule wardrobes! Capsules aren’t just for pills anymore! They explored where the trend started, how people are flaunting their mini wardrobes on social media, and most importantly, what you need to know before you try it out yourself.
Not all capsules are created equal, so don’t be fooled by those perfectly curated Instagram grids and reels. Listen in as your style team gives you the inside scoop on what to take into consideration when viewing other people’s ideas of a capsule wardrobe. They have some wardrobe wisdom to share on what it takes to curate a capsule closet that is authentically you. So, sit back relax and let the Michael Bruce Image Consulting team take you on a style journey like no other. Happy Listening!

Style Nature

Get ready to unzip the genetic code of style with the Michael Bruce Image Consulting style team on this week’s episode of Wisdom From The Wardrobe. Join them as they debate the age-old question; is style something you’re born with, or can you learn it? The resident stye geek (Lady P) shares some genetics details and how it may influence your style choices. Plus, they’ll dish on the external factors that can shape your personal style, while keeping things light and playful. Tune in and get your weekly fix of style tips and laughs on Wisdom From The Wardrobe – the show that’s like a shopping spree for the ears! Happy Listening!

What’s In Store

This week’s episode of Wisdom From The wardrobe, the Michael Bruce Image Consulting style team whipped the curtain back on all the latest trends that actually made it to stores for Spring and Summer 2023. From brights to beige, there is something for everyone in the color department. Let’s not forget about the wide leg pants trends that are back and better than ever, talk about comfortable and chic, and to beat the heat, there was lots of linen to be had. The style team covered it all with style and sass, and while they take style seriously their talk is anything but boring. Happy Listening!


This week on Wisdom From The Wardrobe the Michael Bruce Image Consulting style team discuss the merits of being organized when it comes to great style, along with practical tips to help make getting dressed that much simpler. Planning ahead, even as early as when you shop for an item can make life a little easier, especially when it comes to creating outfits that shift through your day, and week to accommodate everything you have going on. But don’t be fooled, just because its practical doesn’t mean its dull, the show has all its usual fun highlights and edutainment. Happy listening!

Oh Man!

This week’s episode of Wisdom From The Wardrobe was full of style fun as the Michael Bruce Image Consulting style team had a blast breaking down the hot Spring 2023 trends for Men. From crop tops to short shorts, suiting with no shirts, metallic and shine, a tripe denim threat, and that was just the tip of the runway. Tune in and listen to what’s hot, what might be a little bit of a style stretch, and what were the big passes. Happy listening! 


Welcome to this week’s episode of Wisdom From The Wardrobe with the Michael Bruce Image Consulting Style team! This time they took a look at the glamorous world of the Oscars, and which looks on this years red carpet stole the show. But the real talk of the town; the style experts couldn’t help obsessing over pants, and they had a lot to say about the different styles and lengths, and how they work for different body shapes. There was even a little fashion history thrown in for good measure. From capris to culottes, from palazzo to cigarette pants, they left no pant leg unturned!
There were laughs to be had and some gentle critiquing of some of the more questionable fashion choices. So, whether you’re a style icon or just love a lighthearted look at fashion, make sure to tune in and get your weekly dose of Wisdom From The Wardrobe. Happy Listening!