Join Eddie Rye Jr. and fascinating guests from around the world as they discuss the topics important to today’s world – whether you live in the Northwest or in some faraway country. Eddie uses his years of media experience to get to the heart of every conversation.

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Angela Rye, CNN Political Commentator on the Democratic Convention

Eddie Rye with with Co-Host Hayward Evans:

*Angela Rye, CNN Political Commentator comments on the Democratic Convention and talks about the importance of having Senator Kamala Harris on the ticket as Vice President.

*Greg Robinson is a candidate for Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa was the site of the May 31 June 1, 1921 massacre of African Americans in the affluent Black Owned Greenwood section of Tulsa.

*Reverend Paul Benz, Co Director, Faith Action Network (FAN) comments on the importance of the August 28, 1963 March on Washington DC for Jobs and Justice and the importance of commemorating the date 57 years later.

*Debabutta Dash, former Commissioner, Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs comments on the 57th Anniversary of the August 28,1963 March on Washington DC for Jobs and Justice.

How To Enjoy Summer AND Write Your Book

Most new authors think they must choose between summertime fun at the beach OR writing a book. You can have both! There’s just three important steps.

08 – 13 – 20

Eddie Rye with Co-Host Hayward Evans:

* Derrick Wheeler-Smith, Director, Zero Youth Detention, King County Public Health and Dominique Davis, Founder and CEO, Community Passageways comment on their plans to house and serve young people 16-24 years of age.

*Clyde Merriweather has expressed his concerns with the Seattle School Superintendent Denise Juneau and the Seattle School Board on two opinion pieces in the Seattle Medium Newspaper.

*Debadutta Dash, Secretary,Executive Board, Sukarya USA comments on India Independence Day that is on Saturday, August 15. India gained independence from British rule August 15, 1947, Mahatma Gandhi led the nonviolent movement for India’s freedom.

*Dawn Hunter is the new Director of Aviation Management at Seattle Tacoma International Airport. She will comment on her new duties and on the impact that COVID-19 is having on air travel.

Congressman Bennie Thompson & More

Eddie Rye with Co-Host Hayward Evans:

*Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson who shares information about this year’s Mississippi Policy Conference which occurs on the second weekend of every August.

*King Co. NAACP president Riley Payne and executive committee member Josetta Wicker about the current happenings with the school board and superintendent revolving around the Black and Native American communities.

*Micki Flowers, Co-founder of Children’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic Guild, lets you know how you can participate and donate to support the youth.

*Former WA State Representative Jesse Wineberry, who talks about the quest for equality with Initiative 1776.

Larry Gossett And Angela Remember John Lewis And More

Eddie Rye with Co-Host Hayward Evans:

?*Former King County Councilman Larry Gossett remembers Congressman John Lewis who is being laid to rest on Thursday in Atlanta,GA. Gossett marched with John Lewis and had a several decade friendship with Congressman John Lewis.

*Political commentator Angela Rye

*Shaude’ Moore is a member of the Board Directors, Central District Community Preservation Development Authority (CD CPDA) aka the McKinney Center for Community and Economic Development provides an update on the Board’s actions to date.

*Pastor Lawrence R. Willis talks about the training happening at the CD CPDA with the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, Carpenters Union, A. Philip Randolph Institute and sponsored by the Port of Seattle.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Eddie Rye with Co-Host Hayward Evans:?

*Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D) Los Angeles, Chair, House Financial Services Committee comments on the state of political affairs complicated by the COVID-19 and mixed messages from the White House.

*Reverend Dr. Carey Anderson, Senior Pastor First AME Church and a leader in the McKinney Coalition that paved the way for the Central District Community Preservation Development Authority (CD CPDA) that will be known as the McKinney Center for Community and Economic Development.

*Jon Bersche, Training Coordinator for the City of Seattle comments on the Regional Pre-Apprenticeship Collaboration that will connect 16-26 year old individuals to construction careers.

*Chukundi Salisbury was appointed to the Central District Community Preservation Development Authority Board of Directors. He will comment on his vision for the McKinney Center for Community and Economic Development.

*Former State Representative Attorney Jesse Wineberry Sr. comments on the status of the Initiative that would restore Affirmative Action in Washington State I-1776 is in the signature gathering process.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II, Reverend Dr. Kenneth J. Ransfer and more

Eddie Rye with Co-Host Hayward Evans:

*Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II represents Missouri’s 5th congressional district that includes parts of Kansas City comments on the state of affairs in Washington DC in our US Congress. He also has the distinction of having the stadium for the Super Bowl Champs Kansas City Chiefs in his district.

*Reverend Dr. Kenneth J. Ransfer, Sr. Pastor, Greater Mount Baker Missionary Baptist Church comments on his involvement as a member of the Selection Committee that appointed the Inaugural Board of Directors for the Central District Community Preservation Development Authority (CD CPDA) that will be known as the McKinney Center for Community and Economic Development’

*Gerald Bradford comments on his role as a Central District Community Preservation Development Authority (CD CPDA) Board Member and talks about the service he is currently providing to the community.

*Sarah Sense Wilson (Oglala) Co Founder and elected Chair for the Urban Native Education Alliance (UNEA) will express additional issues that UNEA has with the Seattle School Superintendent and the Seattle School Board.

*Jamie Elmore, Editor in Chief, Bald Life Magazine “When Bald is Universal” comments on her Saturday July 18 event.

State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos and more

Eddie Rye ith Co-Host Hayward Evans:

*State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos, the sole sponsor of House Bill 1918 that created the Central District Community Preservation Development Authority (CD CPDA) comments on the next steps now that a CD CPDA Board of Directors has been installed.

*Shaude’ Moore, Chair, Seattle King County Martin Luther King Jr. Organizing Coalition comments on her new role as a member of the CD CPDA Board of Directors.

*Bobby Alexander, McKinney Coalition Member comments on his participation in the effort to advocate for funding in Olympia during the last legislative session.

*Reverend Dr. Robert L. Manaway, Sr. a Leader of the McKinney Coalition comments on the Clergy’s efforts to bring the CD CPDA to fruition with state and local government funding.

*Ram Dxit, Founding Director, Alliance for Persecuted peoples WorldWide will be joined by Debadutta Dash as they comment on the July 12 4-6 pm (PDT) online town hall Bridging the Racial Divide: How Communities Can Come Together. Register at

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, and more

Eddie Rye with Co-Host Hayward Evans and guests:?

*Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best returns to add more to what’s happening between the Seattle Police Department and CHOP.

*Derick Wheeler-Smith and Domonique Davis discuss their project to provide housing for young adults 24 and under.

*Clyde Merriweather who provides more detail about the letter he wrote to the superintendent about the status of Seattle’s public schools

*Sarah Sense-Wilson, discussing the current issues with the Seattle School District.

*Korbett Mosesly, founder of the Black Parents Alliance talks about their sessions and how you can be a part of them.

*Ram Dixit provides information about his event on July 6th focusing on the rights of Indian-Americans

E. Faye Williams, Carmen Best and more

Eddie Rye with Co-Host Hayward Evans:

*Dr. E. Faye Williams, Chair, National Congress of Black Women, Inc. comments on the priorities of the organization that has chapters throughout the country.

*Sam Cho, Seattle Port Commissioner talks about his first six months on the commission, he was elected in 2019.

*Perry Cooper, Public Relations at Seattle Tacoma International Airport will let you know about the changes at Sea Tac Airport to keep workers and passengers safe.

*Sharon Lee, Executive Director, Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) discusses the organizations mission and talks about housing i the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.

*Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best comments on the status of the SPD in the wake of the nationwide Black Lives Matter protest. The Seattle protest has been the focus of national news coverage.