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Innies and Outies

Episode 94: “Innies and Outies”

Inspired in equal measure by last week’s launch of the Artemis I rocket to the Moon and the approaching Thanksgiving holiday in America, JDK discusses the connections we have between exploring outer space(s) and our inner spaces of spirit, emotion, and intuition. What emerges is yet more exploration and discovery that can – if we choose – improve our own inner landscapes and then transform outer ones.

Predictions Are Stupid

Episode 93: “Predictions Are Stupid”

The midterm elections surprised us all – but why?? It’s the question JDK asks us all to consider in this episode as we figure out why the forecasted “red wave” made only a splash. Could it be that our own focus on trying to control outcomes – predictions – could be a major problem for us? Are there better ways to frame and understand how elections work? To what degree is the history of elections helpful or harmful in ascertaining where the country is at any given moment? Take a listen and hear JDK’s suggestions while you consider some of your own.

And That Is An Encouraging Thought

Episode 92: “And That Is An Encouraging Thought”

With the midterm elections imminent, JDK builds on his thoughts from last week’s episode to discuss how we can each show up for ourselves and others in these uncertain, stressful times. Using a heartfelt favorite book / film series that has a bunch of Hobbits and wizards in it, he talks about what lessons we can draw from its characters – moving forward in any circumstances, allowing outside externals to do as they will, and developing perseverance rooted in the hope and faith that things can work out for better in the long (maybe longer or longest) run. It’s what he means every week when he signs off with, “Chins Up, Everyone!”

Our Internals > Those Externals

Episode 91: “Our Internals > Those Externals”

With the US midterm elections looming and fear and angst on the increase, JDK asks us all to step within and connect with our own feelings and life compass first. Why? And how can that possibly help us? Listen to find out, then pay close attention to how you feel after what he says, and you’ll experience what he means.

Just Another Day? Yes, and No Way

Episode 91: “Just Another Day? Yes, and No Way”

JDK talks about all the remarkable events – some well known, others not-so-much, really – that have happened on this date in history. It’s a fun way to learn more about the past, yes, but also about ourselves when we look at the history of ANY day of a given year. Take a listen and give it a try in your own life!

Success’ is Really Like a Good Beef Stew

Episode 90: “‘Success’ is Really Like a Good Beef Stew”

Fresh off the disheartening season-ending defeat of his beloved hometown baseball team, JDK brings in his friend and co-host of the “Breaking Up With Our BS” podcast, Tawny Sanabria, to talk about how we envision, define, and pursue ‘success’ in our lives and what unnecessary hurdles we can inadvertently put in our own way. If success matters to you, this is a can’t miss episode!

Tony Soprano Was Wrong, And That Doesn’t Have to be a Problem

Episode 89: “Tony Soprano Was Wrong, And That Doesn’t Have to be a Problem”

On this year’s Indigenous People’s Day and Columbus Day, JDK examines the historical roots of each and challenges us all to take a good look and why and how we infuse holidays with meaning in the first place. Perhaps we need to become more comfortable with the paradoxes we face when it comes to honoring history, individuals, and groups and ask ourselves why we want every conversation about them to be easy and free of discomfort. Any changes we want to see out in the world, after all, probably need to start inside us to have any chance of happening. So why not start here?

Dipping Into the Mailbag

Episode 88: “Dipping Into the Mailbag”

JDK addresses recent questions he’s received from listeners all over the world (yes, the world!) about everything from the war in Ukraine to the upcoming midterm elections to the recent excitement surrounding his favorite baseball team (hint: the Drought is Over!!). Be sure to send in your questions for future mailbag episodes!

Hey Dudes – Let’s Get Comfortable with Discomfort

Spurred by some recent experiences and realizations about himself, along with some big global developments in regards to women’s rights, JDK dedicates this episode to addressing other men directly about how and why they view women the way they do – however that might be. Asking tough questions alongside sharing his own challenges, he asks men to consider taking a far closer look at themselves when it comes to women. From there, contributing to a more equitable environment for women becomes possible.

Meet the Originals

Episode 86: “Meet the Originals”

In honor of Girls in Aviation Day (September 24th), JDK welcomes esteemed historian Sarah Byrn Rickman to the show to discuss the WAFS – Women’s Auxiliary Ferry Squadron. These were first female pilots employed by the US Army during WWII to ferry new combat aircraft from manufacturing centers to training airfields and shipping docks for transfer to war zones. These women – along with the WASP that followed them – paved the way for women to eventually be given the chance to fly in the military in all roles, though getting there took decades. Be sure to share this episode with any young women you know for inspiration!