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Are We All Just Full of Grit?

Episode 8: “Are We All Just Full of Grit?” JDK kicks off a month long conversation about Resilience by exploring – and questioning – the latest buzzword concept meant to…

Just Say ‘Venn!'

Episode 7: “Just Say ‘Venn!’” JDK wraps up his monthlong reflection on various forms of love by focusing on our community circles. And, he again goes to his favorite TV…

Voting Myself Off Fantasy Island

This week, JDK tackles the power – both the mythological and the real – of romantic love. He explores how, at its best, romantic love is actually about freedom, and…

When My Love Boat Was Just A Dinghy

Sail the turbulent seas of Love with JDK this week, when he talks about how that navigation starts with loving ourselves.

Slow Your Roll, You Vulnerable Soul

Join JDK as he slows himself down to discuss the power of Vulnerability and Healthy Risks to conquer Fear and unravel Myths.

Truth And Consequences

JDK talks about how the old adage, “The Truth Will Set You Free,” actually works – and why the alternatives don’t.