Listen weekly as your hosts Shantae Young (Tae) and Jasmine Kendrick (Jazz), two opinionated girls from Seattle, offer up their take on what they deem “The Way” and “Not the Way,” on hot topics such as pop culture, politics and music.

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What does it mean to live a Spark filled life? It means waking up to a morning filled with possibility and potential that you intentionally plug into. It means moving…

SOULless people

A NEW Ice Breaker game, movie reviews and WTF was happening at the capital building in D.C.?! :/


Jazz & Taé wrap up the year with their best of shout outs and what to expect for the long awaited 2021 year!!!

Attack The Sound

Jazz & Taé interview Davo and Paris of the band, Attack The Sound, and get into their latest self-titled Chicago Pop (Chi-Pop) song “Love Is War”. Website:

Josie The Puppy vs. Megan Thee Stallion…

… well not really. BUT, Jazz & Taé fill us in on the NEWEST addition to the family and they also review THE HOTTEST album right now, ‘Good News’ from…

Studio 143

YO! Our boy and video guy Ishmael Stinson stops by to play Battle of the Sexes with Taé and fills us in on the Non-Profit Community Studio, Studio 143!

The WAY vs. The PICK

Today we have two guests on Jeff and Kevin from the Pick podcast. The Pick podcast is a music and entertainment podcast based in Portlandia. Jeff and Kevin enjoy discussing…

What Election?!

As we wait for the results for Election 2020… Ariana Grandé wants to “Position” herself as president … What wig NOT to wear … and Halloween ended up being aight…