Did you know you have psychic ability? That’s the belief of Sha’ron and Skip, hosts of The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show, and they want to help you release your inner power. Each week, Sha’ron and Skip further their life’s mission of teaching the entire spectrum in the metaphysical world, in order to awaken or facilitate one’s journey on their spiritual path.

Latest Episodes

Awakening Your Psychic Ability

Sure fire things that will let you know that your abilities are opening up. Plus Debbie Ballard’s astrology report, The Joke Of The Week, Skip’s Corner and more.

July’s Astrology Report & Ghosts Of Washington

Title: Black Tourmaline – “July’s Astrology Report & Ghosts of Washington” Description: Reports from 2 of our consultants in the field. Matt Shea will report on Ghosts who haunt your…

What is a Bagua Map?

Sha’ron explains the Feng Shui Map to accurately Feng Shui your space.

Why Am I So Unlucky With Money?

Today’s topic: Why Am I so Unlucky With Money? Description: 9 things to never keep in your homes Prosperity Corner