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Marriage Minded

Marriage Minded: An A to Z Dating Guide for Lasting Love!!! Author Marcia Naomi Berger, MSW, LCSW, leads dynamic marriage and communication workshops and is a popular speaker at conferences. In addition to working as a clinical social worker with a private psychotherapy practice in San Rafael, California, she’s taught continuing education classes for therapists at the University of California Berkeley Extension, Alliant International University, and online and in person for various professional associations. While employed by the City and County of San Francisco, she held senior-level positions in child welfare, alcoholism treatment, and psychiatry. She also served as a lecturer on the clinical faculty at the University of California, School of Medicine, and as executive director of Jewish Family and Children’s Services of the East Bay. Berger lives in Marin County, California, with her husband, David Berger. Website: https://marcianaomiberger.com/

Tell It Like It Is

Vincent is known as the “tell-it-like-it-is,” truly authentic Spiritual Teacher and Psychic Therapist. He combines his extraordinary psychic abilities, academic credentials, and genuine all-loving approach to provide healing for body, mind, and spirit. As a Psychic Therapist, Vincent uses his more than 36 years of training, research, and experience in the Metaphysical, Psychology, and Spiritual fields to dive deep into your psyche to release blockages, resistances, and self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors so you can fulfill the life of your dreams. Thousands of followers around the world have been inspired by Vincent’s warmth and Vincent has spoken at notable organizations such as the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research Enlightenment, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and the International Association of Near-Death Studies. Media appearances include Impaulsive with Logan Paul, Sex with Emily, The Jason Ellis Show, Jenny McCarthy, Unity Radio, Hay House Radio, Coast to Coast AM, Gaia TV, Home and Family, and several ABC, CBS, and NBC morning shows. He is also a beloved speaker at various Unity Centers, Centers for Spiritual Living, Spiritualist Churches, and spiritual centers throughout the country. Currently, Vincent can be heard hosting his own weekly radio show called, Stop Stopping Yourself! on Unity Online Radio. Vincent teaches all levels of psychic and mediumship skills, including communicating with animals. Participants with no level of experience to professional practitioners have all gained profound and remarkable skill improvement from his unique techniques and teaching talent. Everyone who experiences a Vincent Genna event goes home enlightened, energized, and empowered—emotionally prepared to unlock and release their passions and purposes and possessing the key to achieving their life goals and fulfilling their dreams. Website: www.VincentGenna.com

Reclaiming Wellness

Many of the most popular approaches to mind, body, and spirit wellness are rooted in age-old practices from around the world and come from communities of color. But more often than not, they are primarily marketed to and used by the cultural elite.

In Reclaiming Wellness: Ancient Wisdom for Your Healthy, Happy, and Beautiful Life certified wellness expert and author Jovanka Ciares reclaims these time- and science-proven modalities and makes them easy to implement for all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, income, or social status.

“The lack of representation within the wellness industry is palpable, from practitioners and advocates to brands that seemingly cater to only one type of audience — wealthy, white Westerners,” writes Ciares. “Wellness is not for the privileged few. Wellness is a state of living that applies to all living creatures — humans, animals, and plants. And the most popular wellness practices have been practiced for millennia by people all over the world.”

Ciares knows firsthand how it feels to bounce from doctor’s office to doctor’s office, drowning in theories, but getting no answers. After years of suffering from IBS, ulcers, and fibroids, she embraced alternative therapies like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and herbalism. Her personal fifteen-year healing journey became her motivation to inspire and support thousands of others to do the same, especially those like herself — educated women of color who are rarely represented in the billion-dollar industry of health and wellness.

Reclaiming Wellness highlights the multicultural roots of a wide variety of popular health trends and shares them to promote solidarity and inclusivity. The book includes fascinating historical context for wellness practices like herbalism, meditation, visualization, hypnosis, yoga, plant-based eating, sound healing, and more.

“I have written this book to help address the diversity and inclusion problem in modern wellness,” writes Ciares. “As I highlight throughout, all modern practices have roots in ancient cultures from around the world, and I hope that all people of color will feel empowered to explore, embrace, and reclaim them.”

Reclaiming Wellness speaks to everyone, with an emphasis on the people of color who struggle disproportionately with preventable diseases, to offer:
? practical, affordable, and even fun ways to incorporate plant-based whole foods into even the most time-crunched routine
? lazy-proof means of movement that feel more like self-love than the dreaded “exercise”
? techniques of mindfulness, meditation, and visualization that make them meaningful everyday tools
? ways to experience nature, music, and community to heal and connect

“Whether you are new to wellness or various specific practices or not, I hope this book provides you with the knowledge to create your own wellness journey,” writes Ciares. “ I encourage you to explore and to question, to increase your knowledge and to trust yourself, as you evaluate what practices might be best for you. Be curious about what could lead to a healthier, stronger, happier version of you, and pursue that curiosity to create just that.”
Jovanka Ciares is the author of Reclaiming Wellness and several other titles. A certified wellness expert, integrative herbalist, nutrition educator, and coach, she offers lectures and workshops in Spanish and English. Ciares studied nutrition with bestselling author T. Colin Campbell, PhD, at his Center for Nutrition Studies (in partnership with Cornell University) and herbalism / plant medicine with Tieraona Low Dog, MD. A native of Puerto Rico, she lives in Los Angeles. Visit her online at http://www.jovankaciares.com.

JENuine Healing

JENuine Healing!!!

Jen Ward is a dynamic healer, executive coach and group facilitator. She has devoted her life to helping others unlock their true potential. She is also an accomplished writer and poet.
Jen’s extraordinary and challenging personal journey has gifted her with a unique ability to see and remove the blockages to happiness and effectiveness that exist within any individual, and the impediments to harmony or performance that exist within a team.

Once these blockages have been removed, all vestiges of self-doubt and mediocrity are emptied. All doors are opened for individuals to realize their own potential. This affords them the ability to tap into the holy grail of their life’s purpose. The ability to repair all schisms between one’s purpose and one’s vocation in business gives anyone an edge to all that they do. Interacting from the heart as well as an acute mind creates a fluidity in action that is likened to artistry.

As blockages are removed, executives are able to see any situation from multiple vantage points that they may not have once considered. They can also address undercurrents of issues that they may not have even recognized before working with Jen. This assists them in operating in a space free of resistance and the inertia that office politics may create. They can now see the outcome of any interaction way quicker than having to “play it out” and wait.

Jen’s unique SFT Protocols put simple but immensely powerful tools in the hands of her clients. This means they are empowered to continue their personal development journey well beyond their time working directly with Jen. Having access to Jen’s protocols is like her giving clients the secret sauce to what she offers. Each use of the SFT Protocols is like having a private session with Jen.

Find out more about Jen Ward at https://jenuinehealing.com/

The Bushido Spirit…

A new film from Japan, “The Cherry Bushido,” lands at the perfect time to remind us to re-examine our convictions and spiritual fortitude in the face of today’s daunting challenges.

Similar yet distinct from chivalry, the western code of honor handed down from the gallant knights of yore, Bushido is the organizing principle of samurai moral values and ethics that has been at the heart and soul of Japanese culture for centuries. Like chivalry, Bushido is typified by virtues like righteousness, benevolence, respect, honor, fidelity, and courage. Unlike the chivalric code, the true Bushido spirit is based on the belief that we are spiritual beings who will eventually return to the spiritual world.

Having experienced relative peace and prosperity in recent years, many have relaxed their self-vigilance and blurred the convictions that can mean the difference between victory and defeat on the spiritual as well as physical plain. With the pandemic and the social, political, and geopolitical turbulence we are experiencing today, now is a good time to consider the Bushido spirit and virtues that can anchor and guide us to act on our beliefs in these trying times.
Yoichi Utebi is a producer and world lecturer for Happy Science. Born in Japan in 1968, Utebi grew up in Beirut, Lebanon and New York City. Raised in a rare Japanese Christian family, he was deeply touched by Muslim culture and the beauty of Lebanon during his formative years in Beirut. However, the Middle East also exposed Utebi to the horrors of war, as he and his family dodged bullets and bombings before fleeing to London and back to Japan, leaving everything behind in a sudden evacuation. In the 7th grade, Utebi moved to New York for 10 years, where he was exposed to friends from multiple cultures and ethnicities. His rock band produced a popular album and gained quite a following in the city before Utebi decided to forego his musical pursuits and return to Japan.

After 12 years of experience in marketing and senior management at various American IT companies in Japan, Utebi joined Happy Science in 2010, where he quickly rose to Director of International Communications. Utebi is currently a minister and world lecturer for Happy Science’s and a producer on The Cherry Bushido.

About The Cherry Bushido
The Cherry Bushido is a film from Japan about a young Kendo (Japanese swordsmanship) devotee and group of friends who unite to protect Japan from threat of extinction by its neighboring country. The Cherry Bushido will be released in limited theaters in North America this March.
Available on VOD summer 2022.

See the movie trailer here: (5178) ?Teaser Trailer?The Cherry Bushido (2022) – YouTube
For more information, visit: https://cherrybushidomovie.com

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch and its Global Reach Therapeutic Touch (TT) has its origins in the nursing world and as a nursing intervention, so TT is considered an extension of professional skills. TT was initially developed as a contemporary interpretation of several ancient healing practices by two founders, Dora Kunz and Dolores (Dee) Krieger. Dora had amazing abilities to see things that most of us don’t and recognized TT as something that could be easily taught to nurses. TT is a holistic, evidence-based practice that incorporates the intentional and compassionate use of universal energy to promote balance and well-being. Dee focused on developing a body of research that looked at quantitative markers, like hemoglobin levels. TT has a solid base in research with more than 50 doctoral and post-doctoral papers. Internationally, TT has been taught to more than 200,000 people in 104 countries. In the USA alone it has been taught at more than 60 colleges and universities, and TT has been practiced in over 50 medical centers.
Peggy Frank – Peggy was introduced to Therapeutic Touch (TT) when very ill with AIDS and attributes her survival to TT and other complementary therapies, as well as allopathic medicines. Since TT was extremely effective, even when no medicines were available, Peggy learned the methodology and the theory behind TT, as well as how to teach TT from certified programs in the US and Canada and took the training to Africa – where the impact of AIDS where HIV had horrific implications on families and communities. She studied under (and received healing sessions from) the two founders (Dolores Krieger and Dora Kuntz) and many of their students. Since 1998, she has been a recognized practitioner of TT, attaining her teaching certification in 1999. Her first goal was to teach in Africa, which she did in 2005, 2006 and 2010. TT proved to be extremely useful among home-care workers and Hospice staff and volunteers throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Much of Peggy’s training has been in the United States, where she became certified to teach, as well as becoming recognized as a teacher in her home country – Canada. She hosts a monthly practice group, initially in her home and, more recently, via zoom. She has sat on the Board of the International TT Association (TTIA), where she shared a position with Jane that involved planning international conferences for TT practitioners and teachers. She also sits on several TT committees and is committed to outreach. Peggy received an international TT award for the work she does in Africa. Cordy Anderson, Retired RN, BSN, QTTT: Cordy began her nursing career in 1969, working in pediatrics, neo-natal intensive care, public health, and long-term care. In 1984 an opportunity presented itself to be a home health and hospice nurse. This type of nursing which included visiting the patients in their own homes spanned the next 32 years. It was also in 1984 that Therapeutic Touch magically came into her life as the “what to do when there is nothing else left to do” when working with the dying. Almost immediately she found TT an amazing adjunct to her nursing care…to ease someone’s respiratory distress…to relieve phantom pain…to help reduce a fever. Now, in her “retreadment” (a term she learned from Dr. Dolores Krieger) her priorities are to be an involved grandma, teach TT, lead practice groups, and offer Therapeutic Touch every chance she gets. She enjoys sharing her journey, both how TT has helped her help others, but also how it has given her a tangible experience of the interconnectedness of all beings. It is her joy to share this experience with others. Sue Conlin, BA, QTTT Sue was introduced to Therapeutic Touch in 1990 and began practicing and teaching in earnest in 1998. Because she was not a nurse (her background is in business and management), she was not able to attend any of the TT workshops beyond…

Thinking Allowed

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The Cherry Bushido

A new film from Japan, “The Cherry Bushido,” lands at the perfect time to remind us to re-examine our convictions and spiritual fortitude in the face of today’s daunting challenges….

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