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This episode features a heartfelt dialogue between Dr. Laura Kreyenhagen, DVM, and Janna O’Connor, LVT. Both are dedicated professionals who also dedicate volunteer hours to Doney Coe. They discuss from the “front lines” how things are going with the new setup (10 clinics per month instead of 2), how this is helping pets and their people at an even higher level, donations that have helped immensely, and items that are still needed. The changes over the last 2 months have resulted in many more pets, and people, being seen, and this is lifting spirits and saving lives. Thanks to the many donors who have been supporting this ongoing effort and new donors and volunteers are always welcome. For more information please visit

The Doctor is IN

This episode of “Team Doney Coe—Helping Pets and their People” features Sarah Vanston, MD, site medical director for Neighborcare Health’s Pike Place Market clinic and Housing and Street Outreach programs. Dr. Sarah is instrumental in helping with the “people” part of “pets and their people” as now pet parents can receive behavioral and physical health support through Team Doney Coe.

So often people who are struggling will take care of their pets first, but at their own expense. This part of Team Doney Coe’s program is meant to insure that people are also getting the help and support they need. In helping people be better and be well it is helping pets too.

It has been wonderful to watch the growth of Doney Coe’s outreach and see it continue to benefit more and more people and pets in our community. And we are glad “The Doctor is IN”.

It really IS about pets AND their people

In today’s show we feature a conversation with President of the Board of Directors Marti Casey as she provides updates on how things are going at the new clinic—as well as some exciting developments. The new location is working beautifully, more animals are being helped, and yes, you read it right—we are helping pets AND their people. We hear more about how Doney Coe is providing health services not just for pets, but for their people too. This is amazing and so important—because if “their people” aren’t doing well, these pets can suffer too. Thanks to the MANY donors and volunteers at Doney Coe who have made this possible and we look forward to more progress and more good news in the months to come!

Because they all deserve a chance

This episode of Team Doney Coe-Helping Pets and their People—includes an introduction from President of the Board of Directors Marti Casey and a big thank you to the donors who continue to make their work possible. Our featured guest is Cherri Trusheim, founder of Urban Animal. The vision that both Urban Animal AND Doney Coe hold is one of being able to help ALL pets, not just those who come from well to do homes. Cherri talks about her background, what led her to open Urban Animal, the challenges facing vets and veterinary practices today, and some new ways Urban Animal and Doney Coe will continue to partner to keep helping more pets and ore people. Because—they all deserve a chance.

Circling Back

It’s been almost a year since Team Doney Coe—Helping Pets and their People, was created and began airing on our stations. When we all started this endeavor I don’t think any of us realized how much was possible and how many people would be making a positive difference resulting in much MORE care for many MORE pets, and thus their people.

In this episode we talk with Marti Casey President of the Board of Directors, and Erik Krema, one of the instrumental people behind the scenes who helped get this show up and running, and we discuss some of the events that we could have never foreseen that have led to an even broader and better outreach.

A special THANK YOU to all who have been a part of this.

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