Winter, spring, summer or fall…it’s always Sunny in Seattle. By tuning in at that time, listeners are treated to a positive energy boost thanks to host Sunny Joy McMillan and her show Sunny in Seattle.

Latest Episodes

The Full Spirit Workout

On today’s show, Sunny will be talking to Kate Eckman, author of The Full Spirit Workout. Just like strong physical muscles help us live more effectively, strong spiritual muscles give…

Divine Abundance

Spiritual teacher and author Tosha Silver stops by as her and Sunny will be discussing her latest book, It’s Not Your Money: How to Live Fully From Divine Abundance. Tune…

Intuitive Development

Sunny’s guest is a Sunny in Seattle favorite, intuitive channel Stephanie Banks (who listeners will likely know as Stephanie Levenston). Stephanie’s back to discuss Intuitive Development and take your calls…

Be Yourself to Free Yourself

Today’s guest is coach, spiritual teacher, and writer, Monica Moody. We’ll be discussing her new book, Be Yourself to Free Yourself: Awakening to the Life You Were Meant to Live….

BOTH on the road…

Yeop! BOTH Sunny and Dr. Alysondra Duke are ON THE ROAD and we’ll see where or even WHAT 3 HUGE EVENTS has since happened

A Long Talk

Sunny’s guests today are Kyle R. Williams and Kamal Carter, the founders of A Long Talk, an anti-racism activation experience with a mission of energizing, activating, and empowering allies in…

The Moon Woman

Sunny’s special guest today is Tanishka, best known as ‘The Moon Woman.’ We’ll be discussing ancient feminine wisdom, the Age of Aquarius, and living a High Vibe Life.

Love, Dad

‘Love, Dad’ with author Mike Anthony. Mike explains how his father died… then told him he didn’t. Website:

Do Unto Earth

My guests today are Penelope Jean Hayes and Carole Serene Borgens. We’ll be talking about their new book, Do Unto Earth, full of channeled wisdom on the urgent reality of…