Winter, spring, summer or fall…it’s always Sunny in Seattle. By tuning in at that time, listeners are treated to a positive energy boost thanks to host Sunny Joy McMillan and her show Sunny in Seattle.

Latest Episodes

The Moon Woman

Sunny’s special guest today is Tanishka, best known as ‘The Moon Woman.’ We’ll be discussing ancient feminine wisdom, the Age of Aquarius, and living a High Vibe Life.

Sara Landon

Sunny welcomes back guest, Sara Landon. She is one of the show’s all-time favorite and most frequent guests. They be talking all the incredible wisdom she’s been bringing through –…

Soul Digger Edition

Today’s show will be a Soul Digger Special Edition show with just me. ?? I’ll be sharing where this ship is headed in 2021, lessons learned from my Statement of…

Travels in a NEW YEAR!

Today, Sunny will be checking in on Dr. Alysondra’s cross-country adventure, as well as statements of purpose, divinity school, and New Year’s energy!

How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get?

Sunny welcomes physician-turned-shamanic healer and coach, Sarah Bamford Seidelmann. We’ll be discussing her latest book, a joint creation from Sarah and her spirit animal, Alice the Elephant, entitled “How Good…

ACT – Dr. Steven Hayes

Sunny’s guest is the originator and pioneering researcher into Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dr. Steven Hayes. We’ll be discussing his latest landmark book, A Liberated Mind. Tune in and…

Radical Intuition

Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power – Kim Chestney

The Don't Wait Project

Sunny’s guest today is Lisa Bradshaw – a mother, cancer survivor, widow, storyteller, and the founder of The DON’T WAIT Project. Join us to not only hear Lisa’s incredible story,…

Magical Travels with Dr. Alysondra Duke

For First Friday today (just realized it’s the last First Friday of 2020!!), we’ll be checking in with Dr. Alysondra Duke about her cross-country adventures, as well as talking magic,…