Sunday Morning Magazine is a local Seattle podcast featuring guests from local non-profit agencies, authors and specialists in the fields that are the focus of each weekend’s informative conversation. These focus areas include education, environment, charities, crime, health, domestic issues, and youth.

Latest Episodes

2/5/23 – Dr. Ronald Crutcher

Dr. Ronald Crutcher is an inspiring man and leader. In his life’s work, he is a world-class classical cellist, an educator–a Professor of Music at a number of universities, and currently is President of Richmond University, in Virginia. He believes strongly in mentorship and relates the various mentors who have played significantly in his life.  His memoir “I Had No Idea You Were Black: Navigating Race on the Road to Leadership” has just been published.

1/29/23 – Kyra Smithlin

Kyra Smithlin has a huge “heart story” that both directs us to learning CPR, and highlighting National Wear Red Day on Friday February 3, to focus attention on women and heart health. 10 years ago, Kyra’s heart stopped. Her 9-year-old son found her in her bed, called his dad, they called 911 but also began CPR. It was the difference in Kyra living another hour, being here today and a strong advocate for Women’s Heart Health. Be sure to learn CPR and to wear Red on Friday.

1/22/23 – Dean Regas

Dean Regas has been the astronomer for the Cincinnati Observatory since 2000. He’s a renowned educator, author, and national popularizer of astronomy.  The science of space and space travel is something we’re hearing much more of nowadays and in various forms. While that is still the area of a select few, Dean’s new book in collaboration with National Geographic “1000 Facts About Space” is a way we all can experience the thrill vicariously.

1/15/23 – Amri Johnson

Amri Johnson is the CEO/founder of Inclusion Wins. Amri and a virtual collective of partners work to create global impact with a lens of inclusion.
Amri is the author of Reconstructing Inclusion: Making DEI Accessible, Actionable and Sustainable. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are vitally important to our success as individuals and as humanity. It’s up to each of us, and as Amri states: It’s a ‘we’ thing.

01/08/23 – Matt Miller

Matt Miller is the CEO and Executive Director of Firland Workshop, located in Shoreline. Matt gives a historical overview: 70 years ago Firland housed persons with TB. It has since evolved into a popular organization for persons with disabilities and other groups seeking job training and worthwhile positions. For many decades Firland has produced parts for Boeing, alongside their community outreach. Matt extends a welcome to visit and tour the Firland location.

1/01/23 – Ali Katz

Ali Katz is a lawyer and founder and CEO of Personal Family Law. From personal experience of philosophy put into action, Ali provides a fundamental look at life and death. She encourages us to see the opportunities in conflict, and how these are lessons that guide us in living our best life, and to be more of who we really are. Also to be aware there is an end time, so embrace it all. Ali offers some great guidance in creating our legacy with a series of podcasts and her Legacy Master Class. FB: AliKatz/Facebook IG: @TheAliKatz

12/18/22 – Luke Minor

Luke Minor is the Director of WA529, Washington State’s College Savings plans. The 2 programs, GET and the Dream Ahead college investment plan, are great options for families in planning for future education, as these funds can be used at most educational institutions nationwide, including technical/trade schools, as well as covering the costs of special instruments, and in some cases, student loans. Students who know there’s a goal and plan for them post high school have shown they perform better in upper education. And once a plan’s in place, anyone can contribute. It can be a gift with long-lasting meaning and value. or call to speak with someone: 1.800.955.2318

12/11/22 – Dr. Monica Vermani

Dr. Monica Vermani is a clinical psychologist and author of “A Deeper Wellness: Conquering Stress, Mood, Anxiety and Traumas” Four pillars of the same conquerable issue, particularly with our expectations of what both the holiday season, and the new year should look like. While taking stock of what we have and hope to accomplish. This is both an internal historic experience, and media influence talking. Dr. Vermani recommends having a counselor, seeking help, and her book is an excellent tool we can use at our own pace.

12/4/22 – Mary Crescenzo

Mary Crescenzo is a master teaching artist, public speaker, and art consultant for community organizations. She is a pioneer in the field of community arts and an advocate for creating awareness of the benefits of art for all ages. Mary is also an author, whose latest book “The Planet Alzheimer’s Guide: 8 Ways the Arts Can Transform the Life of Your Loved One and Your Own” is invaluable either in personal use or in medical facilities. Mary shares: Don’t miss out on the beauty of a spirit not gone.

11/27/22 – Jarod Munzer, Director of the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Jarod Munzer is the director of the Cougar Mountain Zoo, home to a great variety of special animals and birds. And of great importance at this time of year, Santa’s reindeer! The largest herd of Siberian reindeer in the country call Cougar Mountain Zoo home. Among them, a little male born a year ago who, having been bottle fed, is more comfortable with human company and makes special appearances around the zoo. The annual Reindeer Festival, a treat for visitors young and old, runs December 1-30. Santa will be on site on that stretch until the 23rd, the zoo is closed Dec 24/25. This festival is a great time for making special memories, and a membership to the zoo could make for an equally delightful gift.