Story U Talk Radio grew out of Debby Handrich’s desire to bring listeners and authors together over the topics of writing, spirituality and transformation. Each week, Story U inspires an inquiry of the stories we live by, such as our love stories, our financial stories, family stories, and personal awakening stories. So much of the conversation is about discovering the real YOU in order to live peacefully and, just maybe, to pick up the pen and write your book.

Latest Episodes

Plots, Scripts, and The Conscious Mind

Becoming familiar with story archetypes helps you easily trace your own behaviors as a writer. You can’t upgrade your plots if you don’t understand the unconscious scripts. Stay tuned!

Progress is the New Perfection

When you create from your own inspired style, you simply can’t go wrong! Your expression is clear, aligned, and downright fun.

Re-inventing Time

Do you feel time is on your side, or do you feel time works against you? Today, Coach Debby will help you work with a new paradigm!

Is Your Book a Hallmark Experience?

All readers, whether young or old or in between, desire a feel good experience. Does your book do that for your reader? Or are you jaded and discounting the value…

You are an Ageless Author

Discover more energy and timeless wisdom for your writing. You are never too old to share an amazing story.

Finding Your Place in the Spotlight

Most everyone has an awkward feeling about being center-stage. Managing The Spotlight Effect is one of Coach Debby’s specialties.

The Inspiration of True Love Stories

“To know thee is to love thee.” Learn about love stories, languages, and practices from the authors of the Go-Giver Marriage, John and Ana Mann.

Achieve Instant Connection with Your Audience

As you develop your business, write a book, or expand your family, you want to have fluid connections. Learn to think like a screen writer who keeps the story moving…

Writing a Successful Narrative

Sometimes we get too close to our stories and lose perspective. This kills all desire to write. In this episode, Coach Debby offers a new way to see your success.