Story U Talk Radio grew out of Debby Handrich’s desire to bring listeners and authors together over the topics of writing, spirituality and transformation. Each week, Story U inspires an inquiry of the stories we live by, such as our love stories, our financial stories, family stories, and personal awakening stories. So much of the conversation is about discovering the real YOU in order to live peacefully and, just maybe, to pick up the pen and write your book.

Latest Episodes

The Influence Of Your Favorite Authors

After sitting opposite of 300+ authors, Coach Debby has heard and felt the influence of top writers. Begin to adopt their skills! Today, you will learn sage advice gathered over…

Why Vulnerable Writers Are Prolific

Some writers procrastinate while others are consistently prolific. How is it that some people create so much worthy content? Join Coach Debby for an hour of insights, tips, and coaching.

May Your Evolution Be Your Resolution

Reflecting on last year, you see how much you have evolved. But you also see what you have RESOLVED. Therefore, your evolution is your resolution. Stay tuned for more!

The Identity of Great Writers

Unfortunately, some writers over-identify with back-breaking deadlines hours and nasty critics. Instead, be a smart writer and imagine your success from the very beginning.

A Masterclass for Writers

We’ve all gone through bouts of merely surviving. Learn how to turn your doubts into faith, your blank page into an inspired page, and your plans to write your book…

Meet Prolific Children’s Author, Laura Duksta

When you know you are an “Ambassador Of Love,” it’s natural to sell 800,000 books in 6 languages. Meet Laura Duksta! Her voice touches all age groups. Let her inspire…

Answer the Call to Adventure

Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” HUGELY inspired Coach Debby to keep writing and teaching during challenging times. Let her teach you how to persevere and find the ADVENTURE of being…

What’s The Secret To Making Real Progress?

If you put a lot of energy into your writing (or any dream) and you make little headway, stay tuned for today’s episode. Coach Debby offers ancient and very modern…

What’s Freud Got To Do With It?

The ego and its other esoteric friends may be playing unconscious roles in your writing. Grab a quick education on your psychology before you start your next chapter.