Story U Talk Radio grew out of Debby Handrich’s desire to bring listeners and authors together over the topics of writing, spirituality and transformation. Each week, Story U inspires an inquiry of the stories we live by, such as our love stories, our financial stories, family stories, and personal awakening stories. So much of the conversation is about discovering the real YOU in order to live peacefully and, just maybe, to pick up the pen and write your book.

Latest Episodes

Train Your Mind To Know The Next Right Move

So many creatives and writers believe there is a mystery strategy that will solve every block. Let Coach Debby show you examples from “the path of least resistance.”

Are you Equipped to Go the Distance?

Creating a new brand or writing a book requires a “long game” mentality. Look to Coach Debby for strength as you learn unconditional trust and self-awareness.

The Independent Author, Tom Kranz

Join Writing Coach, Debby Handrich, as she talks with a long-time journalist, fiction writer and podcaster, Tom Kranz. Be inspired to commit to a career as a writer.

HOW To Meet And Overcome The Challenge

Every challenge, big or small, requires the courage to cross a threshold. You are far more ready than you know. Stay tuned for inspiration and guidance.

Plots, Scripts, and The Conscious Mind

Becoming familiar with story archetypes helps you easily trace your own behaviors as a writer. You can’t upgrade your plots if you don’t understand the unconscious scripts. Stay tuned!

Progress is the New Perfection

When you create from your own inspired style, you simply can’t go wrong! Your expression is clear, aligned, and downright fun.

Re-inventing Time

Do you feel time is on your side, or do you feel time works against you? Today, Coach Debby will help you work with a new paradigm!