Story U Talk Radio grew out of Debby Handrich’s desire to bring listeners and authors together over the topics of writing, spirituality and transformation. Each week, Story U inspires an inquiry of the stories we live by, such as our love stories, our financial stories, family stories, and personal awakening stories. So much of the conversation is about discovering the real YOU in order to live peacefully and, just maybe, to pick up the pen and write your book.

Latest Episodes

Autumn Office Hours with Coach Debby

Four times a year, coach Debby devotes an entire show to your questions. Ask anything about writing, teaching, coaching, or branding.

Permission to Soar

If you want to create a bold new chapter in your life story, listen to this show and consider signing up for Coach Debby’s new offering titled, Permission to Soar!

How Your Words Turn To Riches

Would you be willing to trade a million words for a million dollars? You can! Learn three ways to leverage your words and dramatically upgrade your life.

Breaking up with Mean Pals

You may not be aware how much your writing is effected when hanging out with mean pals. Let Coach Debby help you break up with the people and the habit that got you there.

Upper Limits, BE GONE!

Writers are conditioned to be controlled by the rules of language and publishing. In today’s show, learn 5 ways to bust through even the toughest models that keep you down.

Words, Wisdom, and Wealth

Today, Coach Debby kicks off a series of shows dedicated to using your innate wisdom, and how your words pave the way to your wealth. Soon, these ideas will be available in a course. Stay tuned!

The “Ah-ha’s” of Story-tellers on Holiday

If you are grinding out 5,000 words a day, put your pen down and listen up! On this episode, Coach Debby shares pivotal stories from first-time authors basking in summer bliss. You can, too!

Your Role as The Author

Far beyond your capacity to write, you have several roles to fulfill as the author. Let’s dive in!

Editing Essentials – Part 2

Thank you for tuning in last week when we devoted the show completely to the 4 essential steps of editing. And since you’ve asked for more, we’ll dive back in! Stay tuned for Part 2.

Editing the Fluff

Most writers admit that they’re not great editors. Today we explore editing as a writing skill as well as a life skill!