Connection through conversation. Self-described conversationalist, Stacy Heller, uses her trademark quick wit and insight interviewing guests, and talking about topics and ideas from the ridiculous to the sublime.

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Insure with Fern

Since he’s not going to sell you insurance Stacy will. But first, she shares why she put a gumball machine outside her office and how it backfired on her. Her STACYISM is about finding what you’re looking for (so look for the good); a quality that can be found in this week’s guest, Fernando Guaren Jr. Fernando’s upbringing obviously influenced his personal identity; however, the impact it had on his professional identity, was unexpected even for him. He wears his heart on his sleeve and a grin on his face! To learn more about Fern, go to

What are Women Asking for Exactly?

I guess it depends on the woman! This week Stacy reflects on her birthday and the melancholy she felt while celebrating it this year. She also shares a STACYISM about being present before embracing an elephant that’s in too many rooms too often! She and guest, JD Wyneken talk about sexual harassment; how women from different generations view it and why men feel like it’s their right. It’s a complex conversation that requires thoughtful reflection for both men and women. JD brings an interesting perspective; both as a former douchebag (his words) and as a Human Potential Coach. One thing that is very clear, consent is key! Want to learn more about JD? Go to:

Money Doesn’t Happen to You

Which is why it’s past time for Stacy to have an office to call her own. You’d think with “making her mark and owning it” (a reference to her Stacyism), Stacy would be more financially literate. However, as she and this week’s guest, Steve Haas discuss, financial illiteracy is far reaching across all ages and stages of life. Steve uses his personal interests and abilities for a passion project, a financial literacy mentor. He works with both post-college, young adults, and folks he meets from his work with Peer Seattle (an organization that cultivates powerful, healthy lives by providing support and development services to the LGBTQ community impacted by addiction, mental health and/or HIV). Whichever demographic he’s mentoring, Steve invests his time, confident the return on his investment will pay off in spades.

The Best Nest?

Stacy’s guest this week is her daughter Grace which means the conversation is faster and more furious than ever! They talk about Stacy’s initiation into the trash TV tradition that is dating shows like Grace’s fav, The Perfect Match, and the latest pop culture news about Selena, Hailey, and Kylie. Their “real” topic is the growing trend of post-college adults moving back home for any variety of reasons. Grace shares her own experiences and opinions while Stacy listens with awe to her insights and shares her perspective from the parent side.


Stacy shares highlights from her trip to Chicago for a wedding; the emotion and thoughtful details that made it so special. Her STACYISM is influenced by recent conversations about the impact of being “spared” the truth as kids. Sally Porter, a close friend who works with the deaf and hard of hearing, joins the show this week. Sally shares how her professional journey has grown into a passion to service the deaf and hard of hearing community. She talks about TIVE, the app an amazing team of professionals have developed to meet the needs of this community, long under resourced. Go to

De La Soulmates

Who do you invite on your Valentine episode? Your first love of course! Brian Brooks joins Stacy on the show this week. After Stacy shares a graphic STACYISM about what happens when you hold stuff in for too long, she and Brian talk about the passing of Dave “Trugoy the Dove” from De La Soul; a group they bonded over once upon a time. They talk about the evolution of relationships and how things have changed since when they were young and what it’s like witnessing your kids start to navigate love. They end the show chatting about how being friends with your significant other is at the foundation of a long, happy relationship. Connect with Stacy at

Tom Tom

Tom Hamilton Jr. is back as guest for a second week so he and Stacy can pick up where they left off last time. He shared he can get anxiety from interacting with people and leaving his comfort zone; however, it’s clear that at his core, Tom is a conversationalist. He listens well and adds something of interest to every dialog, almost as a bridge. While music may be his preferred way to express himself, he can jam anywhere with anything. Too much to chat about, too little time and most importantly, will he like his red kicks from Mom? Find music from Tom on Spotify under his name or some of his band names like Billy & the Kids (you can find a playlist from their July 2021 concert at Red Rocks), Brothers Past, American Babies, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead or Ghost Light to name a few or go to

West Philadelphia Born And Raised

Clearly Stacy’s penchant for connecting is genetic. Her guest for today’s show is professional musician and Joan/Mom obsession, Tom Hamilton Junior. Joan and Tom met and bonded on their cross-country flight from Philly to Seattle and a mutual admiration society started. The overall theme of the show is the opportunity to express that art affords the artist and the connection it creates with the audience once shared. Tom is the consummate guest, artist, and human that understands really connection is a dialog, spoken or unspoken. It was such a good show, he’s coming back for part two next week! Find more about Tom and his music here:

Not For the Faint of Heart

he theme of parents and parenting permeate the show as Stacy celebrates her mom on her birthday and shares a parenting hack that she used when her kids were preteens and teens to keep them communicating and safe. The STACYISM and show topic tie in perfectly with what Parent Coach and guest, Christy Keating focuses on with her coaching practice, The Heartful Parent. Christy has a ”yes, and” approach with parents, encouraging parents to meet their kids where and “who” they are without sacrificing themselves or their own relationship in the process. Because safety is a HUGE concern for parents, the conversation turns to The Safe Parenting Summit that Christy has curated. It runs from February 6-10, 2023 and is complimentary for parents. Find details and more here: and learn more about Christy here:

Neuro-Spice Girls

Stacy shares that her mother, like Humpty Dumpty, had a great fall. However, with help from The Glop, Dewar’s, and Pete, she’s on the road to recovery. For her STACYISM, Stacy shares Brené Brown’s truth bomb about asking for help and expectations when we don’t. She and guests Jessica Ross, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Nicole Parreno, a legal contracts manager at BetterUp, hit the ground running with their conversation about ADHD. They discuss the cultural shift with the perception of ADHD and chat about how being open with their neurodivergence has impacted both their personal and professional relationships. An interesting conversation among three neuro-spice girls. To connect with Stacy, go to