Connection through conversation. Self-described conversationalist, Stacy Heller, uses her trademark quick wit and insight interviewing guests, and talking about topics and ideas from the ridiculous to the sublime.

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Transitioning from Toxic

Stacy shares conversations and observations from the week, from what she’s learned about the heart’s energy to cognitive dissonance and the power of words. She also shares a STACYISM about preparing the path or the person. Her guest is Coleen Gose, a life coach who specializes in helping others recognize and recover from toxic relationships. Coleen and Stacy talk about the origin story behind these relationships, the impact they have on attitude and perspective, how they seep into other dynamics and the importance of community in healing. You can learn more about Coleen, her coaching, webinars and new book, A Woman’s Journey of a Lifetime on her website


Stacy shares conversations and observations from two weeks with her mother and her mother’s BFF, Lee, who are also guests on the show. Nicknames, energy and Mom’s habit of “stealing” Stacy’s stuff are just some of the topics covered. From there, Stacy interviews the gals about aging in terms of staying positive, friendships, mental flexibility, dating, and eating. An interesting insight into how to stay young at heart and build a community of family when the world starts zooming by faster than your legs can move.

A Bright Painter Who POPS

Stacy shares conversations and observations from her week including a follow up to the Usain Bolt versus Joey Chestnut relay race debate, pool people watching and ordering oysters from Amazon for the pearls. Stacy’s guest this week is 17-year-old, Kirkland-based artist and business-savvy marketer, Austin Picinich. Primarily self-taught, Austin learned his way around a canvas by doing and with support from his art-loving parents. He learned his way around promotion through local artists sharing inspiration and information as well as from his high school DECA class. Not only does he paint and promote, but he gives back as well; he conceived and executed a community-based project at like his mural at Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland, WA to raise awareness for salmon restoration. To learn more about Austin, his art and his next mural, go to

Journey to Center and Unearth

Stacy shares some of the conversations she had over the past week about topics ranging from BLT ratios to who would win a relay race between Usain Bolt and Joey Chestnut (Usain Bolt obvi); even guest Marjorie Schreurs weighs in on the topic. Stacy and Marjorie talk about Marjorie’s work as an ADHD and micro-dosing coach and psychedelic journey guide. Stacy has lots of questions about the reputation, myths and fears surrounding psychedelics including her own. They also discuss how micro-dosing can be a powerful aid in helping with ADHD, making peace with past turmoil through awareness and generally being more present in our daily lives. A fascinating conversation about taking a journey to the center of yourself. To connect with Marjorie go to

Dan’s Compass

Stacy shares the fun she’s had while at the lake house from riding e-bikes to reading trashy novels which is where the inspiration for this week’s STACYISM came from. It also serves as a great lead-in to guest, Dan Faulkner. Not only is Dan an established and well-reputed Eastside real estate agent with Compass, but he is also 20 years sober. In both his professional and personal lives, Dan strives to be present, transparent and of service. Stacy asks Dan about his story of addiction and recovery, whether he thinks mental health is at the root of addiction and how society sends messages of needing to be stoic and unfeeling to boys and young men; thus, generations of men who don’t “feel.” To connect with Dan, go to

This is the Voice!

Stacy shares a STACYISM that speaks to her own experiences and her thoughts about the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade. Fear not, it’s not all serious on this episode of STACY CONNECTS, Stacy welcomes voice actor Aaron Deines to the program. During the pandemic, Aaron combined several personal and professional goals to create a career and lifestyle that prior to the pandemic he maybe wouldn’t have dared “voice” a desire to pursue. His work started with a lot of training, it requires vocal gymnastics and self-care, demands he understand his character’s motivation so he can connect authentically, and allowed him to get a cool recording booth that’s all tricked out for optimal sound. An interesting conversation about a talent we take for granted. Check out Aaron Deines at

Americana’s Audible Orator with Bucky Halker

During her Brain Dump Stacy shares what she’s learned from wedding planning for friends (spoiler: do what feels right, not what “is right”) and wonders aloud about adult kids and how much to intervene when it comes to holidays like Father’s Day. She welcomes Bucky Halker to program; a singer, songwriter, music historian, and labor activist whose focus is primarily Americana, or American Folk music. Bucky shares a bit about how he came to music in general and Americana specifically, his influences and inspiration, and the still current commentary of music giants like Woody Gutherie. Bucky is a musician with the pure heart of a historian; keeping the music and stories alive of the everyday people that made America. To learn more about Bucky and see his calendar of upcoming events go to

Stuck in the Car with Stacy

Stacy’s shares what’s she’s learned about the call to action that is “Subscribe! Rate! Comment!” so many podcasters use, and why. Her brain dump is the usual eclectic mixed bag of topics. Her Stacy-ism, inspired by her scheduled guest, is about making choices you’re comfortable with when you decide you’re ready to have sex the first time. This leads to a litany of Stacy-isms that are reminiscent of car rides with her kids; conversations that are actually lectures. She ends with a review of Top Gun and Hustle before limping off into the sunset (until next time).

A Legacy of Hope and A Side of Slaw.

Stacy’s brain dump is especially manic this week since she’s still trying to recover from Covid-brain. For her Stacyism she offers her thoughts on what staying silent says, which is also the exact moment it‘s clear she needs to leave psychiatry to the experts. It’s no coincidence then that her guest is Dr. Richard Adler, a forensic and clinical psychiatrist. The conversation starts with their meet-cute, and touches on their shared love of NY and deli. At the heart of their conversation though is Dr. Adler’s mission of providing resources to those suffering from PTSD; a dream that led to his founding the PTSD Institute in Seattle in 2018; a dream that is slowly and steadily becoming realized. To learn more about Dr. Adler, his practice and the PTSD Institute, go to

Holy Sh!t Lucy Van Pelt is The Voice of My Inner Critic?!?

Stacy shares that almost immediately after recording last week’s show, she tested positive for COVID and has been stuck in PA making lemon twists out of lemons to put in her mother’s nightly scotch and water. Her guest, Lauren Lefkowitz is an executive leadership coach, HR Consultant, recovering people pleaser/overachiever, co-host of “I Could Talk to You All Day” and lover of Thin Mints and The Smiths. Her message and motivation are clear and personal; FINE is a trap. If you’re interested in learning more about Lauren and all she has to offer, connect with her on LinkedIn @Lauren Lefkowitz and listen to her new podcast – it’s better than fine!