Connection through conversation. Self-described conversationalist, Stacy Heller, uses her trademark quick wit and insight interviewing guests, and talking about topics and ideas from the ridiculous to the sublime.

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Leading Out of Overwhelm

Stacy starts with an update about her journey to donate one her kidneys and shares a favorite quote from Edith Wharton as her STACY-ism which leads in perfectly to what her guest, Mike Edwards focuses on an Executive Leadership Coach; what you attract is how you lead. They discuss Mike’s coaching, his book, Activate Your Leadship, the podcast he co-hosts called, Open Door Podcast and more in an organic free flowing conversation that touches on the importance of leading out of the overwhelm and into what you want. To learn more and connect with Mike go to

Change Maker

During her brain dump Stacy teases her husband about the frequency of his expression, “right?” during work calls knowing he doesn’t listen to the show, only to get a text that reads, “I am listening.” Oops! Luckily leadership coach and student of change, Melissa O’Mara is today’s guest and turns the conversation to playing bigger in your own work and life. Whether as an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur Melissa believes with self-awareness, practice, and hunger it’s important to embrace and BE change,. To learn more and connect with Melissa go to

Work Life Harmony

After her usual brain dump and an update about last week’s show (Stacy made it to the next round in the search for a kidney for Odin),” Stacy welcomes leadership coach Kristeen Barth to program. Focused on helping clients feel empowered and positive about work so they can thrive at work, Kristeen believes a healthier relationship with work is interconnected with all aspects of our life. Learn more about Kristeen’s Positive Intelligence workshops, her one-on-one coaching and group sessions at

You Complete Me

April is National Donate Life Month and April 6th is Living Donor Day. To make this topic more personal Stacy invites Maria Bartlow and her daughter Monica Franks to talk about Odin (their son and brother respectively) who needs a kidney, not to be complete, but to survive and thrive. Stacy’s longtime friend Margaret Rieck also joins the program to share her experience being a Living Donor having given one of her kidneys to a friend. The goal of today’s show is to raise awareness of the need for Living Donors, demystify the process, and ultimately encourage people to consider being a donor to save a life such as Odin’s. To see if you might be a donor, go to You can sign up to give to a random recipient or put in Odin Bartlow (DOB 11/25/64)

There’s Something About Nothing

Before talking with guest Kathleen Hunter about her new “job” doing nothing, Stacy reminds listeners that her new show, Don’t Ask Me to Talk will air on 880AM KIXI on…

HealthStrong is Better Than Headstrong

Stacy, Eric and guest Amie Louwers, go down a rabbit hole after a name association trick leads to a conversation about the etiquette of plus-ones and RSVP’ing to a wedding;…

Acne, Golf and Other Four-Letter Words

Stacy starts with a slightly redacted letter she sent to her son’s doctor after he had an anxiety attack of sorts about acne. After sharing a quote about talking too…

She Who Laughs, Lasts

Stacy shares a ridiculous story about a random dog named Joe and two of her cats, Percy and Finn that exemplifies the ridiculousness of her life. She and her guest,…

rewild and Out!

A very sunburned-Stacy Zooms in from sunny Florida (AKA the surface of the sun) for the program with Eric in studio and her guest Sharon Sperry from Better Nature of…

The Food That Built America

Stacy’s scheduled guest Quincy of Albanus Design had to cancel at the last minute so Stacy does what she does best…talk! After clarifying comments from last time about the famed…