Connection through conversation. Self-described conversationalist, Stacy Heller, uses her trademark quick wit and insight interviewing guests, and talking about topics and ideas from the ridiculous to the sublime.

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Mindset, Skillset, ACTION

Like Santa, Stacy’s mother is coming to town; she also likes cookies (but with scotch). Stacy raves about Violent Night and shares how she had a violent morning recently after a fall in her bathroom. Her guest, Denise Perkins is a coach whose passion is coaching women business owners, much like Stacy and herself, on how to better sell themselves and their services. By working on their mindset, clients start to recognize the value of their skill set; with a new appreciation of their worth, together they create an action plan. Denise works one-to-one with clients and also has a Facebook group all are welcome to join. Find Denise Cugini Perkins on Facebook (Women in Business – – Take the Scary out of Selling).

Sorry Charlie!

Stacy chats about her Thanksgiving back east; her nephew’s delicious braised turkey, her chatty in-laws and the overall vibe of the east coast versus west. She also raves about the mockumentary, “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” a total must-see! Her wise-beyond-his-year-son, Charlie joins the show for a frank conversation about how gaming, the internet and consuming digital content in general have influenced and impacted the health of his mind, body and spirit. Eye-opening and a little heartbreaking; a classic example of hindsight being 20/20 and hopefully models the importance of open communication between parents and children of all ages. Special thanks to Charlie!


Alt Shift

Stacy begins with feedback from last week’s show about plastic surgery featuring, Leela Ward. She also talks about traveling for Thanksgiving and a STACYism about the ego filter we perceive information through. Her guests Pete Connolly of Acute Injury Massage and Kathy Lewis of Elemental Alchemy Healing talk about their work in alternative medicine and experiencing how the other works. As energy movers or “shifters” both Pete and Kathy help to release negative stored energy in the body that has led to mental, emotional, and physical discomfort and depletion. The work they do is lifechanging. Connect with Pete at and with Kathy at 425-786-7482.


Full Disclosure

Stacy starts the show with a callback to an episode called, “You Complete Me” about Odin who is still in need of a kidney; take a listen and share to learn more about giving the gift of life this holiday season. Then on the show, Leela Ward talks about her various plastic surgeries; from lip injections to a BBL (with a few things in between). Leela is open about her why, what and how, and shares her family’s reactions along with the one regret she has now that she’s done. They end the episode talking about Airman Transportation, the second-generation, minority-owned business Leela owns and operates. If you’re on or around the Eastside of Seattle, book a ride through

Gone Fishin’

Back from Italy and straight into the frying pan, it’s been a long week. Stacy gains one cat while babysitting her grand kitty Wilson, and almost loses another when Coal takes off in protest. Back for STACY CONNECTS second anniversary show is Stacy Harris (who is essentially to blame for Stacy ever meeting a mic). They go back to their original concept for the show, picking hard hitting topics from a fishbowl such as, Which of the 7 Dwarfs are you? and “What song do you sing in the shower?” It’s a very Stacy show.

Roman Holiday

After a week away, Stacy is back. She shares content from GMA as an addendum to her episode with Grace about being drugged while out in Boston. She also thanks JD, Bruce, and Eric for taking care of the show in her absence and showing her so much love. After a short break Stacy launches into a breakneck recap of her trip to Italy; from pasta lunches on quaint side streets in Rome and a near-Holy Heller moment in the Sistine Chapel to harvesting olives, truffle hunting, and wine tasting throughout Umbria. It was a whirlwind trip with too many highlights to count and many memories to cherish.

The Great JDK and Bruce Show Hijacking

With Stacy on vacation in villa-esque Italy, her friends JDK Wyneken and Bruce Pflaumer – who also host podcasts that Stacy helped produce – steal the mic for this weeks episode to give her listeners more insight into what makes Stacy great and a World Champion Connector. And don’t worry – they were nice. Mostly.

Woman Power Zone

Stacy shares her love of, and her son’s struggle with, floating in a pod; aside from overall being a weird experience, it’s great for letting go if you can. Naturally, she has a relevant Stacyism for her travels to Italy and life in general. Her guest, Ariel Hubbard who has been a guest on the program before (check out Ariel: An Energy Tidal Wave), talks about energy cording and the importance of cutting the cords that don’t serve any longer. She also talks about her podcast, Woman Power Zone. Learn more, find the podcast or connect with Ariel via her site,

The Great Realization

Stacy tortures her mother by sharing her latest find from Old Navy, faux-Rothys (they’re way cheaper, you’re welcome), before sharing an article from The New Yorker and the latest on The Try Guys. Her guest, Suzanne Weller is a coach/consultant or as she calls herself, a thought partner. She and Stacy chat about the language of leadership and transformation in business and beyond. Another dynamic conversation about the importance of communication as a strategic soft skill. To learn more about Suzanne Weller, go to

Midlife Metamorphosis

Stacy starts by sharing the response to the show featuring her daughter Grace before confessing to the wild hair that took root while sitting on her couch over the weekend. Her guest, Georgie Coote is a certified mindful change coach and national board-certified health and wellness coach who specializes in midlife transitions. She and Stacy chat about the growing pains that come when our roles change and the impact those changes can have on our relationships. Stacy also comments on how she relates to a particular episode of Georgie’s podcast, Love in Midlife with the 2Gs. It’s a dynamic conversation about a transformational time. To learn more about Georgie Coote, go to