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Latest Episodes

Sedona Spotlight – New Year’s Vision Board – Leiah Carr

Leiah Carr, shares how she uses Visions Boards in her own life and teaches others about how to use them. She answered a question often asked. How does it work? The mind works with pictures and this tool helps to send your mind the pictures of what you want to create and manifest in your life.

This tool, which seems simple, can have a powerful effect on doing just that…helping you gain clarity and keeping you focused on your goals.

Vision boards are used by athletes, business, and famous people as well such as Steve Harvey, Jim Carey and even Oprah has shared how she has used Vision Boards in her success journey.

Host: Darielle Archer
Guest: Leiah Carr

Sedona Spotlight – The Spiritual Side Of Business – Darielle Archer

Today’s show is with an amazing woman. From driving a 18 wheeler and having a life altering awakening, to After experiencing a spiritual re-awakening while behind the wheel of her 18-wheeler, she sold her truck & walked away from a profitable, 6-figure trucking business to follow the calling of her heart.

Now she combines a deep commitment to spiritual growth with a love for technology to support new spiritual coaches & energy healers who are to the point of tears from frustration & overwhelm trying to get their online business off the ground.

She helps her clients define their business, set up the only tech they need, and get known online while navigating fear & self-doubt so they can book consults, get clients, and finally start making money doing the work they were born to do.

Host: Darielle Archer

Guest: Cheryl Kane

Sedona Spotlight – All About Ascension – Sandra Walker

All About Ascension – Personal and Global

Our planet is in the midst of an Ascension, and it is creating a lot of chaos in the process. This phenomena is also an opportunity for quantum leaps in harmonious evolution. Ascension Guide and Wayshower Sandra Walter, describes many aspects of the process and how it’s effecting us both personally and collectively. Hear how to navigate this process for best possible outcomes, and with grace and ease. Please be sure to Tune in, as understanding and being aware of this prophetic transformation of all that IS, can also help make the process smoother for All That Is.

Host: Martha Childress

Guest: Sandra Walter

Sedona Spotlight #40 10 – 11 – 22 – The Art Of Beauty

Stephen Henderson talks candidly about his personal struggle, after a debilitating injury ultimately ended his thriving career as a professional high fashion photographer. You’ll also hear about his amazing recovery, and his “Metamorphosis Studio” in Sedona, where he captures images that reflect the inner beauty and lively spirits of everyone he photographs. There is beauty in us all, and when we loosen up and have some fun, what is revealed in his photographs are true works of art.

Host: Martha Childress

Guest: Stephen Henderson Artist/Photographer

Sedona Spotlight #38 09 – 27 – 22 Patrick Flanagan – His Life, His Legacy And His Library

Not only was Patrick Flanagan revered for his genius and countless inventions, he was also treasured for his generosity and kindness and recognized as an international icon.

Most commonly known as the Author of the 1973 blockbuster book Pyramid Power, he is also considered a ‘Father of the New Age’ movement through his health and wellness inventions. Hear Gisele talk about his life, his endless desire to unveil the nature of the universe, and the legacy he left behind with the Patrick Flanagan Library in Sedona. AZ. At the Library (or on-line) you’ll not only gain access to Patrick ‘s own research, inventions and books, you’ll have access to all the personal materials, resources and books which informed Patrick himself. A step inside the Patrick Flanigan Library is the closest and easiest way to step inside one of the greatest minds of his time. A MUST for all aspiring inventers and inquiring minds.

Host: Martha Childress

Guest: Gisele Bonenfant – Librarian, Patrick Flanagan Library Sedona, AZ


Sedona Spotlight #37 09 – 20 – 22 – Water, Hydroponic Gardening And A Windmill

Hear about the latest donation from Island Earth Water Distribution, to help improve conditions on the Hopi and Navajo reservations.

Founder Jade Freund explains why it is his families mission to help their indigenous brothers and sisters, and why they were particularly drawn to our missions with the Hopi and Navaho. With their donation of a windmill, and their expertise with hydroponic gardening, a self-sustaining plan is underway to provide clean power, clean water and healthy food indefinitely! It is currently an average 2-3 hour drive to access clean water and fresh food from the reservations.

This system could be the beginning of a new model, that could easily be scaled up. Your support and donations can go even further now, to bring relief to the Hopi and Navaho in need of these basic human rights.

To Donate and learn more about our mission

Host: Martha Childress

Guest: Jade Freund, founder of Island Earth Water and Distribution

Sedona Spotlight #36 08 – 30 – 22 Clean Water For Hopi – Update

Hear about Airline Ambassador’s new approach on humanitarian missions. They’ve just made it easy to travel with a purpose, and put compassion into action. “Explore and More” offers several travel destinations where AA’s “in country” contacts can arrange a mission of your choice, with a customized itinerary, even for just a day!

Listen in to find out how to make your next travel destination just as meaningful and rewarding as fun!

Host: Martha Childress

Guest Nancy Rivard. President and Founder Airline Ambassadors International.

Sedona Spotlight #35 08 – 09 – 22 Sally Befriend Your Body To Live Pain-Free

Clean Water for Hopi – Updates and August 10th Fundraiser

Hear how Founder Clean Water Foundation of WA founder Leon McLaughlin, went from shining shoes to becoming a shining light for those in need of clean safe drinking water all over the world. Also hear the latest on water filter installations in schools and teacher’s homes on the Hopi reservation, and details about the upcoming fundraising event in Kirkland, WA on August 10th, 2022.

Guest: Leon McLaughlin, Founder Clean Water Foundation of WA