A podcast about business, networking, and ideas from the Plateau Partners, a BNI chapter located just outside Seattle, WA. Each episode features BNI members who are small- to mid-sized-business professionals. They answer questions about BNI, before engaging in a fun and informative conversation about their personal and professional mission and message using their own voice.

Latest Episodes


The microphone is turned on host, Stacy Heller for the final episode of Season Two of PPP. Stacy’s friend, PP President and fellow lover-of-talking, JD Wyneken interviews Stacy about her business and what makes her buzz. After flying through the Speed Round; Stacy’s three words – she talks alot (if you spell a lot wrong), they move on to life’s bigger questions like, “What DOES Stacy do exactly?” Listen to the entire conversation and decide for yourself if that is ever actually answered.

Jenni Butz and Steve Tannuzzo: Networking is No Joke

Jenni Butz and Steve Tannuzzo, longtime BNI members, and more recently, podcast co-hosts with long and fancy titles about directing marketing and communication for BNI, are the latest guests on PPP. Besides chatting about how BNI helped their businesses, they talk about taking on bigger roles within the organization with their eye and messaging consistently focused on the value of networking. The started their podcast, Networking is No Joke, to offer listeners a more accessible and lighthearted approach to networking. They acknowledge that not everyone is comfortable “working a room” and that BNI isn’t for everyone; however, with practice, patience and a few bad puns, even networking can be palatable. They also share details about their newly launched Business Book Club. Listen to learn more.

Cherry O’Neill: Active Transformation

Cherry O’Neill of Active Transformation is the latest featured guest on PPP. As host Stacy Heller states, Cherry is an act of transformation herself; therefore her ability to coach others through some of life’s most difficult challenges comes from a place of authenticity and experience. Working with clients dealing with eating disorders, addiction, parenting struggles or considering what their third act looks like, Cherry is a Sherpa who walks the walk with her clients and brings positivity to make the walk more enjoyable. To learn more about Cherry and Active Transformation, go to https://active-transformation.com/

Bruce Pflaumer: Michael Bruce Image Consulting

Brue Pflaumer is the often feared (I hope he doesn’t see me in sweats!) and always revered force behind Michael Bruce Image Consulting. He shows his playful side while answering questions from the Speed Round with host and frequent collaborator, Stacy Heller. Stacy then invites Bruce to open up about how the pandemic changed or refined their process of working with clients. She then dives headfirst into what’s at the heart of Michael Bruce Image Consulting’s mission; styling client’s potential in the way that’s most authentic to them. JD Wyneken shares his firsthand experience as a client, allowing listeners to understand better how Bruce and his team work. To learn more about Bruce and Michael Bruce Image Consulting, go to https://www.michaelbruceimageconsulting.com/

The Extended Family: Meet the Other Members

For the first half of the episode, show host, Stacy Heller, is joined again by chapter President, JD Wyneken. After breaking down the numbers of the chapter further, they discuss members of the Plateau Partners that have not been featured guests on the podcast, highlighting who they are and what they offer, often sharing personal anecdotes about them and their services. The second half of the episode is a replay of Stacy’s October 6, 2021 conversation with Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen.

Jon and Sean Sefton: Bordelon Insurance

For a first time on the Plateau Partners Pulse a father-son team join the program. After ping-ponging their answers for the speed round, they talk about their shared philosophy about how they conduct business and why that makes Bordelon unique. They also discuss the importance of insurance, why a knowledgeable provider is vital, the different types of insurance they offer, various scenarios, and things to consider when selecting coverage. To connect with Jon or Sean, go to https://bordeloninsurance.com/

BN Why?

After spending all of season two focused on various members of the Plateau Partners chapter, host Stacy Heller of Stacy Connects decided to was past time to talk more about why BNI. Joined by chapter president, JD Wyneken, they breakdown the benefits and perceived baggage of BNI. From the obvious benefits such as networking, to the lesser known benefits like continuing education and leadership opportunities, JD and Stacy talk about it all. They also address the perceptions around BNI and the commitment it requires, and share whether they believe those perceptions are valid. Spoiler alert: They’re fans and advocates. This episode will help you get to know BNI better.

Cindy Kamrin: Enjoy a Better Way (Melaleuca)

Cindy Kamrin is this week’s guest on Plateau Partners Pulse sharing her mission to help others Enjoy a Better Way. As a career network marketer, Cindy immediately addresses the elephant in the room about how people perceive MLM businesses and acknowledges not all are created equal. Starting as a way to earn supplementary income while at home with her children, Cindy found her stride, system, and greatest success with Melaleuca. She found the missing component with previous companies was what she refers to as the 12 Pillars; with those met and a product that sells itself, Cindy has introduced a legion of loyal fans to eco-friendly, all-natural, and effective Melaleuca products and guides a select few to earning a peaceful, lifelong, and reliable income. To connect with Cindy Kamrin email her at cindy@cindykamrin.com

Tina Mitchell: One-Time Your Business

Tina Mitchell of One-Time Your Business, a time management and business efficiency coach is featured. Tina answers the speed round with expert efficiency, sharing interesting details like her childhood nickname (Wham-o) and inspiring stories like the premise of her Triumph to Tragedy keynote. The episode covers Tina’s deeply personal “why” with regard to her motivation for coaching, what it means to One-Time, and how these unexpectedly came together to create a passion project. A woman with her hands firmly in several pies, An entrepreneur and forward thinker, Tina’s drive is surpassed only by her ability. She gives a glimpse into how she does it all by sharing tips and resources that are part of her 8-week course. To learn more go to https://www.otybcoaching.com/

Troy Hunter: Injury Law Group NW & Justin Park: Romero Park P.S.

On the show are Troy Hunter and Justin Park, both attorneys in the Plateau Partners. While Troy is a personal injury lawyer, Justin specializes in business law. Both Troy and Justin each answer questions from the speed round, touching on what they do, why and how they’re different than others in the same field. Stacy then pits the two friends against each other; having them answer questions about a theoretical situation involving a birthday party with inflatables and the company that provided them; a scenario meant to highlight what each of them do. While on opposing sides in that scenario, one thing they agreed on is the importance of calling a lawyer when you just aren’t sure who to turn to, they jointly point out, even if they’re not who you need, chances are they can direct you to a trusted resource. Find Troy at https://www.injurylawgroupnw.com/ and Justin at https://www.romeropark.com/