Mother’s Justice Show has a mission to increase dialogue in the community about police accountability, constitutional policing and justice. Host, Rev. Harriett G. Walden, has been a vocal advocate for peace and justice ever since she founded Mothers for Police Accountability in 1990. MFPA is an organization that educates and network with other community organizations interested in addressing excessive police and bias policing.

Latest Episodes

Rev. Paul Benz, Nickeia Hunter

Rev. Walden speaks with Eddie Rye Jr, Paul Benz, and Nickeia Hunter about current events including the progress of passing a bill that allows for independent investigations on use of force within the police departments.

Dr. Cali Ellis

Harriett talks to Dr. Cali Ellis and Eddie Rye returns for another update.

Eddie Rye and Felicia Cross

Guests today are Mr. Eddie Rye, Remembering Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Ms. Felicia Cross Topic N.O.B.L.E.