Mother’s Justice Show has a mission to increase dialogue in the community about police accountability, constitutional policing and justice. Host, Rev. Harriett G. Walden, has been a vocal advocate for peace and justice ever since she founded Mothers for Police Accountability in 1990. MFPA is an organization that educates and network with other community organizations interested in addressing excessive police and bias policing.

Latest Episodes

Eddie Rye Jr, Esha Covington

Mr. Eddie Rye Jr. Seattle updates and Ms. Esha Covington from Jacksonville , Fla. talking about Florid Governor DeSantis vs African American History.

Memories Of Hiram Salisbury

Victoria Beach talks about Israel and Community Policing.

Eddie Rye with Local and National Updates.

and Harriett remembers her son Hiram Salisbury.

Let’s Talk About Kwanzaa!

Guest host: Noni Ervin.

Noni Ervin, Creator of Kinara Park Kids and founder of the Kwanzaa Awards, with the history of Kwanzaa, 7 core symbols of Kwanzaa, and the 7 principles of Kwanzaa (Nguzo Saba). Examples of living the principles with guests Kirk Mead ( who consults and helps to build businesses through Carrington Group; and guest Ayanna Brown ( who serves the community through Alajawan’s Hands. Harambee! (Let’s all pull together!)

Eddie, Victoria and Francis

Eddie Rye on the election results.

Victoria Beach at topic discusses Shotspotter.

Mrs Francis Oliver on Central Florida News.

Creating a Culture of Peace

Harriett on voting, Creating a Culture of Peace and the Mothers Justice Breakfast
Francis Oliver on the elections in Florida.
Eddie Rye Jr on Voter Suppression

Eddiey Rye, Felicia Cross

Mr. Eddie Rye with Local Updates

Harriett’s updates on Mothers Meeting and ongoing events

Ms. Felicia Cross, 2 Annual International Community Policing Dialogues