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Latest Episodes

Jodi Livon

Jodi Livon, the happy medium returns to Mantz & Mitchell to have a conversation about the impact the Trump administration has made in the four years of the term and…

Hank Garrett

Life and times of Hank Garrett and his book, “From Harlem Hoodlum to Hollywood Heavyweight”. Website:

Cory Cooper

Gary and Suzanne welcome back Elvis expert Cory Cooper to Mantz & Mitchell to celebrate the birthday and musical legacy of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley.

Kim Chestney

Author of Radical Intuition, Kim Chestney. Website:

Jerry Mathers

YES, THAT Jerry Mathers from Leave It To Beaver. 🙂 and Happy Holidays from Mantz & Mitchell (ENCORE SHOW)

Josie Varga

This Saturday on Mantz & Mitchell, afterlife expert, speaker and author Josie Varga returns to the show to share afterlife communication stories from her books “Visits From Heaven” and “Visits…

Carole Bromley

Psychic Medium Carole Bromley checks back in to Mantz & Mitchell to chat about ‘Visitations & Conversations! Website:

Joey & Tonya Madia

Joey and Tonya Madia return to Mantz & Mitchell to share frightening and enlightening stories from their latest book “Roommates from Beyond: How to Live in a Haunted Home”.

Turi Ryder

Gary and Suzanne welcome back once again with Turi Ryder, veteran radio host and author of She Said What? Politics to pop culture and lots of in-between are up for…

Matt Swayne

Gary and Suzanne welcome back author and paranormal researcher Matt Swayne to Mantz & Mitchell to share more ghost stories. This time around, he explores the mysterious aviation-related activities occurring…