Gary Mantz and Suzanne Mitchell invite you to tune in and turn on to a program by the Boomers, of the Boomers, and for the Boomers! We talk to fascinating people, including celebrities, about subjects that intrigue and inspire us and our listeners: personal growth, spirituality, metaphysics, and pop culture.

Latest Episodes


Mantz and Mitchell welcome Jim Meskimen, actor, impressionist, and voice artist whose work has been seen and heard for thirty years. He is a veteran of TV and radio commercials and he has appeared in many TV shows and films including roles on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Parkers, and Parks and Recreation. Marion “Mrs. C” Ross is his Mom in real life so there’s that, too. 🙂

Author Kim Romaner

On this episode of Mantz and Mitchell, author Kim Romaner joins Mantz and Mitchell for an hour of discussion on various topics.

The Mosaic!

Join Mantz & Mitchell for an hour of archetypes and other philosophical talk with Daniel Bruce Levin, author of The Mosaic. ?? Website:

Mothers & Inner Selves

To mix metaphors, don’t fumble on the 5-yard line. Hit it out of the park and sink that long putt for a touchdown! Bridgit Dengel Gaspard is back with Gary and Suzanne on this Saturday’s edition of Mantz and Mitchell.

Consider Your Ass Kissed…

… which so happens to be the title of Ruta Lee’s book as she joins Mantz and Mitchell with stories of Hollywood stars that came up in the Greatest Generation. ?? Website:

Freedom is Your Birthright

Join Gary and Suzanne on Mantz & Mitchell as they have a conversation with Dr. Dravon James who is an actress, a motivational speaker, radio host and author of Freedom is Your Birthright. Dravon shares a wealth of experience about lifting yourself up by your own boot straps and succeeding wildly!

Belief Fuels Love

Listen to this Saturday’s edition of Mantz & Mitchell as Gary and Suzanne welcome back medium Vincent Genna for another round of Metaphysical Q&A. Vincent delivers compassionate straight talk from the spiritual side of life. Don’t just love… BELIEVE!

The Five-Year Voyage

Author of The Five-Year Voyage, Stephen Ladd, is a voyaging sailor and chronicler of native societies, celebrates Earth Day with Mantz and Mitchell to hear some real adventure stories. Website:

The Midwife of Souls

Author and legendary human potential leader Dr. Jean Houston calls Christine Upchurch “a midwife of souls.” Find out why as we visit with Christine in this Saturday’s edition of Mantz and Mitchell.