Gary Mantz and Suzanne Mitchell invite you to tune in and turn on to a program by the Boomers, of the Boomers, and for the Boomers! We talk to fascinating people, including celebrities, about subjects that intrigue and inspire us and our listeners: personal growth, spirituality, metaphysics, and pop culture.

Latest Episodes

Metaphysical Q&A with Karl Petry

Karl Petry aka The Absent Witness joins Mantz and Mitchell for another session of Metaphysical Q&A. Few topics are out of bounds with Karl! 🌟

She Said What?

Radio veteran (and raconteur) Turi Ryder joins Mantz and Mitchell for another hour of She Said What?

111 Places in Seattle That You Must Not Miss

Harriet Baskas returns to Mantz and Mitchell with more talk of 111 places in Seattle you must not miss! See previous episodes for even more Seattle attractions!

Memorial Day and Hollywood

Geoffrey Mark visits Mantz and Mitchell with a prelude to Memorial Day weekend. He tells the story of how Hollywood used movies and star power to boost American morale during wartime. 🇺🇸

Commitment to Consciousness

Lauren Archer is back with Mantz and Mitchell to make us wiser and better for her visionary commitment to Consciousness. You’re all invited!


Shepherd Siegel joins Mantz and Mitchell to explore the revolutionary role of Tricksters and their long-term impact on whole societies. “You say you got a real solution, well, you know we’d all love to see the plan”

Elements of Toxic Relationships

Mantz & Mitchell welcome back Intuitive Consultant Maleah Jacobs to discuss the elements of toxic relationships and some ways to protect yourself if you are involved in one. Take back your life!

Man of A Thousand Voices

Join Mantz and Mitchell for a conversation with actor and impressionist Jim Meskimen. He is the “man of a thousand voices” for today’s generation!

It’s Just A Thought (encore)

Tom Sterner wrote a book titled It’s Just A Thought. He teaches the practice of “deliberate thinking” to enhance your quality of life. (orginally aired March 24, 2023)


Conflict Resolution

Mantz and Mitchell talk with Deidre Combs about Conflict Resolution. It’s a field with a past, present and future. An “evergreen” topic for sure. Deidre is an internationally recognized expert on the subject. Website: