Listen each week for soulful insights with your host Sakura Sutter LME, RM, C.Ht., Spiritual and Intuitive Hypnotherapist, Master Esthetician, and Reiki Master. Sakura spotlights extraordinary people from across the globe who are making a difference by helping others to overcome real life issues by being vulnerable and by offering unique healing modalities and knowledge. She also shares weekly skin tips and experiences with clients she has hypnotized. All in the hope of creating a resource for people to help and learn to love themselves.

Latest Episodes

Go Beyond The Veil- Healing Practitioner James Kealiipiilani Kawainui

Join us for another Love From The Hyp presents Go Beyond The Veil with Native Hawaiian Teacher, Mentor and Healing Practitioner James Kealiipiilani Kawainui.
James will be discussing his personal journey of awakening, and how he uses Native Hawaiian Healing and his connection with his K?puna (ancestors), to help guide and heal his clients. You won’t want to miss it!

UFO Researcher Kathleen Marden

Alien Abductions have been written about for centuries, but it wasn’t until 1961 when it was first widely publicized with the Betty & Barney Hill incident.
Tune in for this exciting interview with their niece Kathleen Marden on another LIVE Love From The Hyp.
Kathleen has devoted years to her extensive research on UFO and ET Contact. She’s written numerous books covering her findings and her personal encounters, and has used her knowledge of Hypnosis to help others fully recall and investigate their own experiences with alien phenomena even further.
She is also an On Camera Expert and has shared her wisdom on countless documentaries and movies. Kathleen is the 2013 recipient of MUFON’s “Researcher of the Year” award and the 2021 recipient of the International UFO Congress “Lifetime Achievement Award”.
You won’t want to miss this exciting show!

LFTH Presents The Conscious Coaching Hour -Transformation

On this edition of Love From The Hyp presents The Conscious Coaching Hour, get to know one of the hosts Rory Reich as he shares his Transformational healing journey. Rory will reveal insight from his book,
“Transform Yourself Through Disease-8 Steps to Reclaim Your Health & Your Life”.
We will discuss his 8 steps and how they resonate with Hosts, Sakura Sutter and Brenda Reiss’ healing journey through illness as well.

Curandero Joselito Flores Del Castillo

Curanderismo is one of Mexico’s most authentic long-standing healing practices, embracing the wisdom of the ancestors and civilizations before.
Listen in to another Love From The Hyp, to hear more about this healing method from Curandero Joselito Flores Del Castillo.
Joselito will also share the tools a Curandero uses in their healing, the importance of connecting with our ancestors, how to build an Ofrenda or an altar, how he infuses dance in his healing practice, and more!

Medium Cate Coffelt

“Telepathy” coined in 1882 by Frederic William Henry Myers is the foundation in which all animals communicate with each other and us. It is a way in which Psychics, and Mediums, communicate with the living and those across the veil, which also includes animals.
Our animals are eagerly waiting to speak to us and communicate from the other side as they wait for us. Learn how you can connect with your pets, as well as humans who have passed with wisdom from Medium Cate Coffelt on this edition of Love From The Hyp.
Cate will also share her personal journey of becoming a medium and tips and tricks to connect with your own intuition. Plus, Cate will help a few lucky callers connect with their pets who have passed, so call in!
You won’t to miss this ConFURsation ??

The Conscious Coaching Hour on Forgiveness

In Buddhism, it is said resentments or “holding onto anger is like taking poison ourselves and expecting the other person to die.” * Holding onto resentments doesn’t actually hurt that…

Empowerment Psychic, Walter Zajac

On this edition of Love From The Hyp hear Empowerment Psychic, Walter Zajac share his awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching story filled with Deja-Vu, sexual & physical abuse, and psychic gifts from…

Amy Gillespie Dougherty

Psychologists have proven that our eyes provide a strong signal of our emotional state. Functional medicine and Eastern medicine doctors believe the eyes show a lot of what is happening…