Listen each week for soulful insights with your host Sakura Sutter LME, RM, C.Ht., Spiritual and Intuitive Hypnotherapist, Master Esthetician, and Reiki Master. Sakura spotlights extraordinary people from across the globe who are making a difference by helping others to overcome real life issues by being vulnerable and by offering unique healing modalities and knowledge. She also shares weekly skin tips and experiences with clients she has hypnotized. All in the hope of creating a resource for people to help and learn to love themselves.

Latest Episodes

LFTH says goodbye with Contemporary Romance Writer, Christina Braver

It has been one hell of a ride! I am truly grateful to have been able to lend your ear for the last 5 years through my radio show, Love From The Hyp, but the time has come to take pause, and so this will be my farewell broadcast. I created this show after a long and hard fight with Pemphigus Vulgaris, because I finally understood the most important ingredient of healing, and it is self-love. I knew this was something the majority of the world suffers from not having. And so, Love From The Hyp was born, and I chose topics; some heavy, others controversial, alongside amazing guests, who either shared their own inspirational journey to loving themselves, or shared their wisdom to empower you to help yourself, and understand you are not alone.
So let’s come full circle, what began with love will finish will love, as Steamy Contemporary Romance Writer, Christina Braver joins us.
Christina will share how becoming a romance author has allowed her to help others who are stuck still in a purity culture heavily rooted in sexual shame, why she chose to write romance, why romance novels get so much slack, how romance writing has changed in the last 10-20 years, and who the readers are.
Plus she will reveal where she gets her hot and steamy ideas from, and divulge a few writing tips with you!
In addition, Christina will share some juicy details from her latest book of her contemporary romance series, all set here in the PNW, called “Your Turn”. You won’t want to miss this interview, it could get hot and steamy and maybe a little teary-eyed too

The Conscious Coaching Hour on Joy!

It is easy to confuse happiness with joy. Happiness comes as a result of something that we enjoy, like, or find fun. Joy resides deep in our soul always. Happiness comes and goes, but Joy, when you understand and can find it, and place it in your heart, will always be there holding you steadfast and strong even when what is going on around you does not feel happy. 
Joy is a constant. It is not dependent on circumstances or situations. There is no doubt that all want to be happy, yet, if we hold an understanding of joy deep in our heart we will also find happiness more often.
On our final episode of Love From The Hyp presents The Conscious Coaching Hour with us intuitive coaches, Sakura Sutter, Rory Reich, & Jeanette Dames, as we discuss Living In Joy and how to find lasting joy in your heart no matter what is going on around you.

Author, & Founder Of The Herbiary Retail Stores, Maia Toll

Award-winning and best-selling Author, & Founder of the Herbiary retail stores, Maia Toll joins us to share her own story of her magical becoming from her latest book, “Letting Magic In”. 
Maia will reveal what she believes magic to be, how her life transformed when she acknowledged the magic around her and began to let it in. She will also share wisdom gained on her journey from Brooklyn to Ireland, where she studied and learned to create a relationship with plants and the earth, under the guidance of a well-known herbalist.
She will also touch on and share bits of wisdom from her other informative & beautiful books, “The Illustrated Crystallary”, “The Illustrated Bestiary”, “The Illustrated Herbiary” and “The Wild Wisdom Companion”, in addition to chatting about her perpetual journal, “Everday Magic” which will be out in stores soon!
If you are feeling a pull to step into your own magic or are curious about what that could be, you’ll want to listen in to this interview!

Mystic Healer, Jeff Masters

Marcel Vogel, American Spiritual Scientist, worked for IBM San Jose Research Center for 27 years, creating 67 patents, and having successfully arrived at numerous achievements like the first LCD display. When he retired from IBM in 1984, he founded PRI or the Psychic Research Institute where he conducted numerous experiments focused on the subtle energies in plants, humans, and crystals all to discover more ways to heal our bodies. Vogel believed our bodies to be composed of liquid crystal systems and created the powerful Vogel crystal to restore balance and coherence back to a body that is experiencing pain.
Listen to this edition of Love From The Hyp (originally aired 1/29/20) to hear from Jeff Masters and how he came to work in Marcel Vogel’s lab, and the profound wisdom he gained from being there. Jeff is an Advanced Somatic Therapist, Army Veteran, & Mystic Healer.
Jeff will touch on Marcel’s Breathwork technique, explain how our subtle energies and chakras tie into our healing, his work with embodied trauma and so much more! He will also share his incredible journey of becoming awakened at a very young age to suppressing all of his wisdom when he first joined the army, to finally figuring out how to integrate his higher consciousness teachings whilst airborne. Jeff will also share the work and teachings he offers today. You won’t want to miss it!

Reiki Master, Higher Performance, Relationship & Lifestyle Coach: Trentamus Briggs

Tune in for another Encore Edition of Love From The Hyp (originally aired 5/15/19) as we dive deep into activation codes with Trentamus Briggs. Trentamus is a Reiki Master, Higher Performance, Relationship & Lifestyle Coach. He will explain what activation light codes are, how we can become activated, and get real FUNcomfortable, in order to step into the life we really want. He will also touch on his own healing journey of being suicidal to wanting more out of life and activating his soul’s purpose of helping to heal others, and specifically his work with other men.
Trentamus will also offer up a healing activation light code over the airwaves. So tune in to tune out!

LFTH Presents The Conscious Coaching Hour on Overwhelm

Modern life can be incredibly demanding! With the constant juggling of work responsibilities, family commitments, and personal obligations, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves grappling with feelings of being overwhelmed, and questioning how to cope with the mounting pressures surrounding us.
Add on top of that, the continuous stream of distressing news from the world around us further amplifying our stress levels, and leaving us feeling emotionally drained and mentally fatigued.
The constant sensation of overwhelm can set off a detrimental cycle of negativity, leading to an almost permanent state of stress and anxiety. As a result, even minor challenges appear insurmountable.
To break free from this suffocating cycle, it’s essential to recognize the need for a respite. Taking a step back and learning how to deal with feeling overwhelmed in a productive and constructive manner is imperative to our overall health and wellbeing.
If you’re struggling with the feeling of overwhelm, listen into our discussion on this edition of Love From The Hyp presents The Conscious Coaching Hour.

Author, Coach Trainer, Seattle Radio Personality, and Podcaster, Laurie Hardie

Laurie Hardie joins us to share wisdom from her book, “Did Not See That Coming-hope for the single parent”. Laurie is an Author, Coach Trainer, Seattle Radio Personality, and Podcaster.
Listen in as Laurie shares her story of becoming a single parent of three, not only unexpectedly, but also rather quickly. She will reveal some of the challenges she faced, what she did to persevere, and how she found her new normal.
Plus Laurie will discuss the work she does now; coaching others to write their own story, create their own podcast, and also, reveal their own transformative story with the world in hopes of helping others, through her new podcast. She will offer up a few tips for writing and podcasting, and for living a fulfilled life!
You won’t want to miss this insightful and inspirational discussion!

Intuitive Empath and Clinical Social Worker, Lisa Solterbeck

Sense of smell has been more closely linked to memories than any other sense. Behavioral studies have shown that smells trigger emotional memories and are better at inducing the feeling of nostalgia than images themselves. Even the lack of a sense of smell can result in the loss of an important sentimental pathway to memories.
Memories happen to be most stored by smell in our first decade of life, from infancy to 10 years of age.
Smells can bring back forgotten memories. In fact, research has shown, individuals suffering from PTSD, are more prone to smell triggers.
Implicit memories are trauma related reactions like sweating, heart racing, trembling, and other physical and emotional responses. They require no conscious memory of the event to be experienced and are the most accurate memories. So if a smell, which is a surprisingly good one, makes you feel bad for no reason, it’s worth exploring why and recovering the memory, in order to move forward in your life.
On this Encore Edition of Love From The Hyp (originally aired 8/14/19) Lisa Solterbeck, an intuitive Empath and Clinical Social Worker, shares her story of how a smell recovered traumatic memories for her, she not only had no recollection of, but also dug rather deep. Listen in as she takes you through what she uncovered, how it was affecting her life and her work, and how she eventually ended up working through the trauma. Also hear how she recommends others work through their blocks, and uncover traumatic memories, as well as more amazing healing wisdom she has to offer. You won’t want to miss it!

Retired Police Officer & Author, Rodger Ruge and Public Safety Chaplain, Ron Perkins

Our police officers and first responders are burnt out and their morale is exceptionally low. Rightfully so, as our nation faces a serious staffing crisis, so much so, they are offering hiring bonuses. Meanwhile crime is at an all time high in big cities, at 134% higher than the national average right here in Seattle, which is only drastically slowing down response times. Gun violence has also increased substantially since 2020. Not to mention, suicide ideation has risen among law enforcement and first responders due to the trauma of the job, and the lack of mental health and wellness support to address it.
Listen as Retired Police Officer & Author, Rodger Ruge returns to share the truth about the situation with our law enforcement, and why nobody wants to take the job. He will also reveal the hidden truths of the job, and divulge what is really being said from the line. Rodger will also emphasize what we, the public, really need to know and consider, and how we can get involved and help our police in turning things around and trying to get ahead of all this heinous crime.
Public Safety Chaplain, Ron Perkins will also offer up his perspective of the job behind the badge and the trauma that comes with it, as well as how he assists law enforcement and firefighters as a Chaplain, and how he deals with his own trauma of the job.
You won’t want to miss this insightful interview dedicated to Sakura’s cousin Johnny McKenna of the CPD. Rest in Peace. You are missed! You are loved! Thank you for keeping us safe!

The Conscious Coaching Hour on Abandonment

Abandonment is loss and when it happens repeatedly it creates trauma. It can manifest in different ways, from job loss, divorce, separation from family or friends, heartbreak, or unable to find a relationship and therefore feeling alone, or isolated.
Having suffered from abandonment whether physical or emotional, presents a multitude of symptoms, and can often include; anxiety, depression,shame, lack of self-worth, self-sabotage, insecurity, difficulty with trust, co-dependency, perfectionism, and people-pleasing.
While most people suffer from childhood abandonment, not everyone who has a fear of it did. But many people have suffered or are suffering now.
If you are struggling with a fear of abandonment or the trauma of it, listen into our discussion on the next LIVE Love From The Hyp presents The Conscious Coaching Hour .