Let Dena Marie provide you with new ways to grow and play, you will be inspired to achieve both while having fun on your journey. Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie will introduce you to fascinating people, help you discover inspiring places to visit and encourage you to embrace activities that will lift your spirits.

Latest Episodes

Get Out of Your Brain and Into Your Heart

Get out of your brain and into your heart! Learn how to manifest your heartfelt intention with Hosts Dena Marie and Marla Williams.
Website: https://marlawilliams.net/bow-retreat/
Music: Smiling on the Inside – Jonathan Bower & Avery Austin Landers

Are We Coming Back Again?

Today, Anthony Manna, Ph.D. interviews Dena Marie on past lives… Are we coming back again?
Website: http://www.anthonymannabooks.com 
Our Energy Matters YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@DRtony42
Music: Coming Back Again

Little BIG Fest!

Little Big Fest is a weekend of local live music, arts, and family fun on a beautiful Whidbey Island. Come for the day or stay all weekend. Website: http://www.littlebigfest.org/

TruHealth – Strategies For Health with Herbs

Host Kasara D’Elene (https://truhealth.com) visits with Steven Horne, Registered Herbalist, and past president/council member of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG). Steven has a new book out, Strategies for Health, and it is packed with information to help you get and stay healthy! Steven received two honorary degrees from the World Organization of Natural Medicine, a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Doctor of Humanitarian Services and is on the Board of Education for Know Your Wellness and is the Advisor for their Clinical Herbology Mentorship program. He is the author of numerous books, courses, and education materials and a popular teacher on the topics of herbalism, nutrition, emotional healing, and natural wellness. Steven also coauthored the popular medicine-making guide, Modern Herbal Dispensatory with Thomas Easley. Website: https://stevenhorne.com/

Soul-Ation – Healing and thriving from the inside out using cuting edge technology

Sharon Maureen welcomes Shanna Rivera who has owned her own thermography business since 2012 and she started Flow Well in 2016. Shanna and the Flow Well team have performed over 7,000 thermography screenings! Shanna has been a trainer with the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT) and a BEMER educator. She loves all outdoor activities and spending time with her growing family.
Many women are searching for Medical Thermography for several reasons. They may have an issue they found in their breasts like a lump or pain, there could be a relative or a loved one who has a cancer diagnosis, or they may have cancer and want a radiation free, compression free screening tool to monitor progress safely. Some women search for a preventive screening health analysis.
At Flow Well, we offer Medical Thermography screenings that are possible cancer detection and ideally prevention by using infrared imaging of the body. Not only can thermography detect Breast Cancer but it’s also FDA cleared for Thyroid pathology, Cerebrovascular Health and Neuro-muscular Pathology.
Men, women and even kids utilize our services as an excellent health analysis of the entire body. After you receive your thermography report back, review it with your physician and an expert thermographer. Get the health answers you’ve been searching for with medical thermography. It may save your life! Website: www.FlowWell.org

Celebrating Life with Dena Marie

Dena Marie welcomes back Jonathan Bower and Anthony Manna for a BIRTHDAY SHOW!!! Website(s): http://www.whidbeydistillery.com/ | http://www.anthonymannabooks.com/

Ignite Your Life With the Powers of Your Mind

Claire Morency is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a natural teacher and facilitator of health and wellness modalities. She is a bridge to specific, clear, and insightful wisdom, coalesced by more than 30 years of education and experience. Website(s): https://clairemorencyhypnotherapy.com/ | https://clintmccunemusic.com/

TruHealth – Mental Health Therapy

Host Kasara D’Elene (https://truhealth.com) welcomes Mental Health Therapist, Gwen Ingram-Jones who will chat with Kasara about Psilocybin (medicinal mushrooms) research and application.

Soul-Ation – Stronger Than Your Stress

Siu Ping Negrin is a dedicated health advocate and a passionate Qigong healer and spiritual coach who is transforming mental health through her life-changing Heal From Within© program. With a Master’s degree in Acupuncture (Tri-State College of Acupuncture) and a 2-year concentration in Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Siu combines her expertise in Chinese Medicine and Qigong to revolutionize mental health management. 
Siu’s book, “Stronger than Your Stress,” lays out her blueprint for achieving optimal health and wellness. With a background in computer consulting and a BS in Applied Mathematics and Computer science (SUNY Albany), 
Siu brings a logical and analytical approach to the spiritual and energetic health realm, positioning herself as an innovative leader in her field.
Website: www.siupinghealing.com

Lift Your Spirits in Cle Elum!

Soak up the natural beauty & fresh mountain air while you experience health and wellness activities, workshops and retreats to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Website(s): http://www.eponaguide.com/ | http://www.liveinspiredwellness.com/ | https://clintmccunemusic.com/home/