Let Dena Marie provide you with new ways to grow and play, you will be inspired to achieve both while having fun on your journey. Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie will introduce you to fascinating people, help you discover inspiring places to visit and encourage you to embrace activities that will lift your spirits.

Latest Episodes

TruHealth – Soul Journey Healer

Today Kasara will be speaking with Multidimensional Healer Jessica Galante. Jessica helps her clients discover their Soul Purpose through The Soul Journey Method™. Jessica helps clients go from being stuck in inherited, limiting stories to moving forward to a life of freedom. Website: www.SoulJourneyHealer.com

Soul-Ation – Fave Lifestyles

Sharon welcomes Karen Rae of Fave, Lifestyle Tips and Community: Inspiring Women & Entrepreneurs. She is an inspiring Soul who has traversed challenges and change to thrive in body, mind and Soul! Website: https://www.favelifestyles.com/

JuneBug: A Novel of Discovery and Triumph

Host Dena Marie and Co-Host Harris Dewayne Smith interview Author Wilson Reed about his life during the Jim Crow oppression era and his new novel JuneBug – Mississippi to Seattle, JuneBug’s journey to freedom.
Clinton Fearon Living is an Art http://www.clintonfearon.com

Our Energy Matters – Chakra Talk

Chakra Talk with Anthony Manna and Dena Marie will lift your spirits!

Dena Marie http://www.dena-marie.com 
Anthony Manna http://www.anthonymannabooks.com 
Our Energy Matters on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@DRtony42

TruHealth – Balanced Health Solutions

In this edition of TruHealth on Lift Your Spirits Radio, Kasara D’elene and Kimberly Balas discuss what to do about your health in a western healthcare system that won’t listen?

They’ll focus on how the information isn’t the enemy. How standard labs can be used to determine underlying root causes. That we can be in charge of our outcome with our health. 

How do we learn to ask the right questions? How do we stand up for ourselves? How do we integrate the two sides of healthcare? What are some core items that can help me feel better? Why is biochemistry such a mystery for physicians?

And she will be mentioning the blood chemistry course she offers.


Soul-Ation – Real Escape from the Sex Trade

Kristine Moreland is a passionate and dedicated woman, who helps women thrive from the inside out by supporting them as they escape from sex trafficking. This will be an uplifting program as we hear of the success of R.E.S.T. and the hope and promise for those women they mentor and help create a new life.

Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie

Dena Marie talks about topics in her book Our Energy Matters. Dream interpretation, synchronicity, intuition, astrology and our energy systems called chakras.  http://www.dena-marie.com 
Original music Cool Water – Shine and Scott Pemberton O Theory – Tomorrows Yesterday

TruHealth – UNenlightenment

Eric Scot English is a columnist for Patheos Progressive Christian called UNenlightenment. Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in Bible from Cornerstone University and a MA in Philosophy/Theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
The book is about deconstructing and reconstructing the Christian faith. It also helps people to deal with the religious trauma that they may have faced at their church. It provides a framework for helping people move forward and have the courage to take control of their faith. If you go to UnenlightenmentTheBook.com there is a trailer for the book that tells a little bit of my story and gives context for the book. 
Book Website: UnenlightenmentTheBook.com (you can get additional information as well as purchase the book on the website or they can get it on Amazon.) I can also be contacted for speaking from this website as well. 
UNenlightenment Blog on Patheos.com https://www.patheos.com/blogs/unenlightenment/