Let Dena Marie provide you with new ways to grow and play, you will be inspired to achieve both while having fun on your journey. Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie will introduce you to fascinating people, help you discover inspiring places to visit and encourage you to embrace activities that will lift your spirits.

Latest Episodes

Love Living Life – Marla Williams & Andy Grant

Host Marla Williams welcomes Andy Grant as he will tell his story of depression and being suicidal and how learning about energy helped him move past that thought process and…


Kasar D’Elene of TruHealth chats with Dena Marie on why it’s SO important in helping you make the best choices for your health & wellness! Website: www.TruHealth.com

NW Green Home Tour 2021

Dena welcomes back seasoned veteran to the Lift Your Spirits Radio airwaves, Laura Elfline of Mighty House Construction & sponsor of the NW Green Home Tour, Second Use & Salvage…

Dr. Joe Famularo

Committed Educational Leader-Superintendent-Presenter-Musician-Dad, Proud of our Nationally Recognized Lighthouse Leadership District -1st in NY -2nd in USA. Contact: https://twitter.com/doctorfamularo?lang=en

Love Living Life – Marla Williams & Rachel Stoering

Marla’s debut show of Love Living Life starts now and she welcomes Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Rachel Stoering! Website: www.Rising-Roots.com Music: www.PriceyDiggs.com (Song – Distance)