Let Dena Marie provide you with new ways to grow and play, you will be inspired to achieve both while having fun on your journey. Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie will introduce you to fascinating people, help you discover inspiring places to visit and encourage you to embrace activities that will lift your spirits.

Latest Episodes

Art, Music and Community… Cont'd

Guests: Joel Cambern, Sonya Tsuchigane and Laureli Shimayo! Website(s): www.loansbyjoel.com https://www.golden-earth-healing-arts.com/ https://www.bepcweb.org/ Music by Jon Blackstone http://www.jonblackstone.com

Art, Music and Community

Amazing musician Kevin Adam Kieneker, Elger Bay Grocery Owner Josh Flickner and Director of Programs at Goosefoot on Whidbey Island join the show today! Website(s): www.ElgerBay.com www.Goosefoot.org

NW Green Home Tour 2022

Dena Marie welcomes back Laura Elfline & Terry Phelan with Mighty House Construction & Living Shelter Architects to chat about this year’s FREE NW Green Hour Tour! Website(s): https://nwgreenhometour.org/ https://www.livingshelter.com/ https://mightyhouseconstruction.com/

TruHealth – Earth Day

This month, Kasara will be meeting with Alan Tratner, one of the founders of Earth Day, Lillian Taylor, Executive Director and Parks Holt, Vice Chair/Board of Directors of EmptyBox.global to share with us how we can be part of the solution! Website(s): http://truhealth.com/ https://www.emptybox.global/ www.earthstockexpo.com

IOU Living

IOU Living with Dr. Joe Famularo. Website: www.IOULiving.com

Celebrating 8 Years on the Air!!!

Great music and story telling with David Parson and Athony Manna. Website(s): http://www.davidparsonsiii.com/ http://www.anthonymannabooks.com/ https://bit.ly/34IRvoD

TruHealth – Music Therapy

Carol Wiedemann is a Music Therapist, musician and meditation practitioner and teacher in Vancouver, BC. Carol believes music is the great connector between people of all walks of life, and…

Universal Light Technologies & Musician Paige Woods

Musician Paige Woods stops by to chat about her upcoming album and Jennifer Victoria Bell with Universal Light Technologies. Website(s): www.paigewoods.art https://www.universallighttechnologies.com/