Eternally Amy

After turning her love of writing into a book, Amy Harrison decided it only made sense to turn her love of talking, into a podcast. Stories of childhood, romance, marriage, motherhood, and a lifetime journey becoming comfortable in her own skin, all come to life in this honest, heartfelt, and humorous podcast. Not only is she relatable, she’s Eternally Amy.

Latest Episodes

Find Fun AND P.S The Pandemic Was Hard

Amy is joined by longtime friend Marisa Butterworth. In her weekly “Fireside Chat,” Amy shares a passage by Melodie Beattie about having fun and finding joy even in the face…

Detaching with Love and My Aussie Stud

Amy is joined by her husband, Alaska Airlines exec, Andrew Harrison. First Amy gathers listeners close for a “Fireside Chat” about how detaching with love is the ultimate love. She…