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Get Big Out Loud Radio with Kari Knutson

Welcome to Get Big Out Loud Radio: Where we explore living the complex, funny, and beautiful ride of life with Kari Knutson and Dr. Pat Baccili. Are your thoughts keeping you small? Are you ready to get big? Kari offers ideas to transform what you are thinking into conscious action! Explore what is keeping you small and how to shift your behaviors in order to get big. Learn what is possible for you! Get ready to get big and live life out loud starting now!

Best of The Transformation Talk Radio Network

The Capacity to SOAR with Serene Enigma. In past episodes we focused on the “who am I and what do I want to become in order to transform our tortured souls into tenacious souls. In this episode we will focus on signing off and releasing the old you (tortured soul), so that the new you (tenacious soul) can take the leap and soar to new heights in all areas of life.

Maximum Medicine Radio with Dr. Sharon Martin – Energy Healing with Sonja Grace

Maximum Medicine Radio with Dr. Sharon Martin: Bridging the Mystical & Scientific for Healing: Energy Healing with Sonja Grace
What does it mean to do energy healing? How does the healer connect? What realms do they tap into? Where does healing come from? Sonja Grace, author, mystic and energy healer, joins Doc Martin to discuss many mystical and energetic themes.

The Dr. Pat Show – Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The Checked Out Caregiver

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The checked out caregiver with Michele Magner

When family caregivers find their responsibilities ramping up, their stress ramps up too. Coping mechanisms are put into place, and this is our opportunity to be intentional before unintentional coping mechanisms take over.

Michele Magner has a passion for connecting with people as we navigate the adventures of aging and caregiving! For many years she was gifted the privilege of caring for both of her grandmothers and in-laws as they navigated dementia, terminal cancer, senior living, moving out of their homes and everything in between through end of life care. As an experienced family caregiver, she has also helped hundreds of families while working in the Senior Living industry, in both Assisted Living Memory Care and Skilled Nursing. She has combined these experiences with her Gerontology, Dementia, Conscious Aging, and Coaching education which provides her with unique insight to help those on the care giving journey. She genuinely understands the challenges we are facing as we care for those we love and shares fresh content and ideas through her podcast, Inspired Caring, in addition to classes, 1:1 and group coaching program.

Recovery Recharged with Ellen Stewart: Pushy Broad From The Bronx®: Men’s Issues in Addiction and Recovery

Are there sex and gender differences in substance use and rate of recovery? Men are 2.2 times more likely than women to abuse drugs and 1.9 times more likely to develop a drug dependence. Do we treat these issues differently than we treat women? We get answers with Paul Lavella Jr. LPC, LCADC. Paul Lavella is the Founder and a Clinician at NJ Recovery & Wellness. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor, helping people heal from Substance Use and Co-Occurring disorders for the past 15 years. NJ Recovery & Wellness provides counseling to individuals and families, partners with community organizations to reduce the stigma surrounding behavioral health and consults with other organizations to improve treatment outcomes. Website(s):

Money, Come Dance with Me

Money, Come Dance with Me, is a call to live in the joy and delight of dancing with Money as a loving guide and friend. Author, Gale West, invites the reader to consider that money’s pure potential is a dynamic, living, force field of love, connecting peoples, cultures and marketplaces. Unfortunately, few can experience money in this way, because it’s been imprisoned in an old paradigm of domination and greed. As result, money has been wounded as much as money has wounded us. Website:

Best of The Transformation Talk Radio Network

The Transformation Network™ is funded by hosts & advertisers who’s missions align with transforming the world through positive & solution-based services.
Our Mission is to broadcast a distinctive blend of live talk radio interviews with a mix of uplifting and intelligent news, educational and practical information. Topics range from personal development to critical issues relevant to a rapidly changing world. As Dr. Pat says, “we talk about everything from sex to spirituality with a vibration that honors the dignity of the human spirit.”
At The Transformation Network we believe we exist because of ‘divine intervention’ and this belief is the foundation of everything we do here at the network.

Know Your Crazy with Susan Denee

Emotional Elevation: Navigating the Roller Coaster Ride of Your Life!
Everyone has their unique form of crazy. It could manifest from minor frustration at the grocery store while waiting for the checker to hush up so you can get home after working 10 hours, to allowing the dreadful feeling of overwhelming responsibilities shut down any daily joy we might have. The practices shared in Know Your Crazy work. Join Susan Denee on a journey to understanding the crazy that lives within all of us and how to use it to your advantage.

Soul Retrieval for Childhood Trauma

Soul Retrieval for Childhood Trauma Kimberly Beekman: A neuroscience approach to healing: Process for Healing Trauma
What are the 3 aspects of healing?

The Dr. Pat Show – Not So Ordinary Job Search Formula

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Not So Ordinary Job Search Formula with special guest, Host of Reinventing-U, Danielle Silverman

Join Danielle Silverman and Dr. Pat having a fresh perspective conversation on job hunting. In the boardrooms and high-rise offices, where decisions hold weight and visions turn to reality, professionals like you know the value of precision, strategy, and insight. Your journey has seen its peaks and troughs, but the thirst for that next perfect role – one that resonates with your expertise and aspirations – remains unquenched.

Enter The Not So Ordinary Job Search Formula. A program meticulously designed to transform the job search narrative for leaders of your caliber. For more information on this program offered by Danielle Silverman visit: