Digital Connections

Digital Connections brings in expert advice to connect you with the services and resources to build and market a successful business. The show is for entrepreneurs, business owners, or anyone interested in running a side hustle to their current career. Each week, your host and thriving entrepreneur, Nancee Johnson, will help you build a successful business bringing experts from across our communities to help you help the world through digital connections.

Latest Episodes

Episode 3: Coaching for the Entrepreneur in You

In this episode of Digital Connections, your host, Nancee Johnson interviews Career Ownership Coach, Jan Claesson from the Entreprenuer’s Source. Jan shares his secrets to a great coaching relationship and…

Episode 2: Connecting in a Digital World

In this second episode of Digital Connections, your host, digital marketer, Nancee Johnson is joined by Tina Mitchell from One-Time Your Business to discuss the connections in Digital Connections. Tune…

Episode 1: Going Digital

What is Digital Connections? What kind of show is this and what can you expect to find? Who should be listening? Over the past year, our world has rapidly increased…