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Digital Connections brings in expert advice to connect you with the services and resources to build and market a successful business. The show is for entrepreneurs, business owners, or anyone interested in running a side hustle to their current career. Each week, your host and thriving entrepreneur, Nancee Johnson, will help you build a successful business bringing experts from across our communities to help you help the world through digital connections.

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Episode 32: One Step Away…

One step away from what? That is the question we answer in this episode of Digital Connections. Are you one step away from business success, business failure, or somewhere in between? If you don’t know, then you can’t possible see where your next step should be to get to where you want to go.

To find the freedom you seek in your business, you must have to a clear vision of what you and your company can achieve. You need to know where you’re going and why you want to go there. It’s also necessary to measure results. It’s these things that are going to allow you to build a future that supports this dream. And, that vision feeds your mindset, which is a majority of your ultimate success.

Larry Reines from Aaron Myer Consulting stops by to help us see the path and move along with great strategic planning.

Guest Bio

Larry Reines empowers the vision of many small businesses, from start-ups to companies looking to grow and even businesses in distress. Aaron Myer Consulting has a proven track record in establishing effective organizational structure and communication that create the foundation for growth and profitability.

Larry inspires and motivates, so you can delegate and empower your team. They work on your mindset. The formula for success is developing and implementing strategies for finance, operations, and sales to structure your business to achieve financial stability, high sales volumes, reduced costs, and a work-life balance. With a short conversation, they will see if they can deliver similar results for you.

Contact Info:

Larry Reines

Aaron Meyer Consulting




Text message: (917) 776-0309

Episode 31: Scale Your Business with Your "Right Fit" Clients

One of the biggest struggles small businesses have is an inability to clearly define their brand and their messaging. They want more clients, and they try to find them by building a new website or through online advertising or other marketing tactics. They expect that these tactics are the magic formula they’ve been looking for. To make these tactics successful, though, you must have the right message for your audience. Brand is everything that defines your business and it must come first. Otherwise your message is muddled and people have no idea if you’re able to solve the problems they need answers to. When you have that clarity, it becomes so much easier for your clients and customers to find you.

On this episode of Digital Connections, Gabriel Shields with Benu Creative joins your host Nancee Johnson as they discuss how to get clear on your messaging and your brand, and ultimately, how to attract the right client to scale your business.

Guest Bio
People hire Benu Creative to help develop authentic brands that create loyalty and trust with their audience and people.

As a husband and wife team, owners Gabriel and Kelly Shields understand how a successful business is like a successful marriage — it requires two very different people to discover their shared values in order to make healthy and beneficial decisions so they can better the life of the other person. Benu Creative helps businesses look beyond products and services so they market effectively and establish the perfect marriage between a successful brand and successful people.

Contact Info:
Benu Creative
Gabriel Shields
(541) 791-7998

Episode 30: Brain Bullies Blocking Your Business Potential

April is Stress Awareness Month, and Digital Connections is celebrating with guest Taryn Laakso from Unlaaking Your Potential. Taryn brings in some amazing processes not just for controlling stress, but that will allow you to truly unlock the potential and creativity that lay just beyond the reach of stress. As a business owner, the success of your company is in your hands. This mere fact alone may be enough to raise your blood pressure, but you can find peace even in the most turbulent of challenges. This episode isn’t just for your business, but for the entirety of your life’s purpose, and could be the small piece of change that your business needs to find the right track.

Guest Bio
Taryn is passionate about igniting a spark in her clients to play a bigger game in their life. She speaks on topics such as positive mindset, mental well-being, leadership, and empowerment based on the Positive Intelligence ™ model.

Prior to launching her coaching career, she had a 20+ year tenure in the corporate HR world. She boldly left her corporate job to launch her own coaching business days before the global pandemic shut everything down. However, with her resilient mindset, she was able to quickly pivot her plan. Taryn’s commitment to herself and her vision has created a 6-figure coaching business within 18 months as a full-time business owner. This is empowered leadership!

Taryn’s superpower is inspiring and supporting professionals to strategically plan their next career shift. She helps clients move from a state of frustration to inspiration. Through group and private coaching, Taryn provides strategies to unlock her client’s Superpowers. Discover your superpower!

Contact Info:
Taryn Laakso
Unlaaking Your Potential
(206) 310-9409

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