Got stories about yourself, others, the world, the future, or anything else that causes you stress, grief, or hopelessness? Well, the good news is that we ALL have those stories. The even better news, though, is that we can all learn how to break up with those stories and perspectives that no longer serve us. That is what this podcast, Breaking Up With our Bullsh!t, is all about. Integration expert Tawny Sanabria and historian and author JDK Wyneken help you move on and discover the strengths inside you.

Latest Episodes

Waitingly Patient

Episode 45: “Waitingly Patient”

Waiting on the birth of her second grandchild, Tawny calls in to the studio to talk with JDK about the challenges of staying patient and waiting when we are not in control of timing, outcomes, situations, etc. The key to this is getting underneath the stories by connecting with the body and each other through our “heart space.”

A Ruling On ‘Judgy’

Episode 44: “A Ruling On ‘Judgy’”

This week, Tawny and JDK tackle the challenges involved when we fall into judgment of ourselves and others by believing various BS stories. Often rooted in perfectionism, the power of Judgy can make our lives far more stressful and full of struggle than they need to be. Listen in to find out how to better break up with Judgy!

Leave ‘Settle’ On The Side Of The Road

Episode 43: “Leave ‘Settle’ On The Side Of The Road”

Tawny and JDK discuss the common fear many of us have about “settling” for things in life; what does it actually mean? Why do we use their term so often? What would it be like for us if we discarded the entire idea of settling? Some of the answers may surprise you – or at least how those answers feel in the body might!

A Gaslighting Reality Check

Episode 42: “A Gaslighting Reality Check”

HubbyDave returns for an encore appearance, with the topic this week how “gaslighting” as a term has become so widely used outside its legitimate contexts that it can obscure our abilities to take good looks at ourselves and our own responsibilities in life. The result of this is often more disconnect within ourselves and others, but there are ways to put aside those stories that aren’t actual gaslighting and help ourselves with….ourselves.

Introducing HubbyDave

Episode 41: “Introducing HubbyDave”

Tawny and JDK welcome Tawny’s husband Dave to the show to share insights and questions that have come up for him while listening to the show. His questions are ones that come up regularly with listeners, so there is lots of good stuff for people to relate to and connect with here. Plus, get a peek at how practicing Presence really helps in building and sustaining close relationships!

Don’t Waste Your Energy On Time

Episode 40: “Don’t Waste Your Energy On Time”

Tawny and JDK take a close look at the differences between what we call “time management“ as opposed to the much more constructive “energy management.“ The former tends to stress us out and feed our BS stories, while the latter connects us much more to reality, to a sense of personal ease and flow, and to healthier practices and outlooks. Take up the challenge that Tawny gives us in this episode and see what happens!

Denial Is Really A Blocked River

Episode 39: “Denial Is Really A Blocked River”

Tawny and JDK dig through the effects denial has on all of us in every area of our lives – our bodies, our emotional states, our relationships and more. And yet, when we learn to listen to and replenish our bodies, it helps us better see and accept reality and let go of the BS stories that so often we use to trap ourselves unknowingly.

Asteroids and Icebergs

Episode 38: “Asteroids and Icebergs”

Tawny and JDK have a wide ranging discussion about the uses, limitations, and dangers involved in putting simple labels on people in their complex experiences. What do we miss out on in each other, and in ourselves, when we use such labels? How can we learn to spot them before we use them? Or move past them if we are using them? Take a listen for some ideas on how and where to start addressing those important questions!

Mr. Rogers Was No Saint

Episode 37: “Mr. Rogers Was No Saint”

Tawny and JDK discuss lessons learned from the recent Mr. Rogers biopic, focusing on how his success with connection was based upon his deliberate practice of it within himself and with others. The lessons learned tell us a lot about what we each have in common as humans alongside our unique individual lives and experiences.

Presence is Kinda Sorta Like Baseball Maybe…..Sometimes

Episode 36: “Presence is Kinda Sorta Like Baseball Maybe…..Sometimes.”

Tawny and JDK tackle the ways in which we misunderstand Struggle, and the crucial role patience plays in Presence work – it can literally make us stronger in our choices, clearer in our awareness of reality, and more at ease with the reality in us and outside of us.