Got stories about yourself, others, the world, the future, or anything else that causes you stress, grief, or hopelessness? Well, the good news is that we ALL have those stories. The even better news, though, is that we can all learn how to break up with those stories and perspectives that no longer serve us. That is what this podcast, Breaking Up With our Bullsh!t, is all about. Integration expert Tawny Sanabria and historian and author JDK Wyneken help you move on and discover the strengths inside you.

Latest Episodes

You Can Step Our Of The Penalty Box Whenever You Choose

Episode 56: “You Can Step Our of the Penalty Box Whenever You Choose”

Tawny and JDK discuss all the ways in which we can often punish ourselves through the use of, or because of, the BS stories we tell ourselves in times of difficulty. Whether it’s around a personal relationship, or a life challenge, or a desired goal, there are far easier ways to navigate our emotions than punishing ourselves needlessly. Take a listen to learn more about how to do this yourself!

When I Have the Time’ Is a B.S. Story

Episode 55: “‘When I Have the Time’ Is a B.S. Story”

This week, Tawny and JD K explore the myths we build around how time works for us – time to get things done, yes, but mainly how we do or do not allocate self-care time for ourselves. We often don’t recognize all the choices we have and how we frame, spend, and share our time. We often make it more difficult that needs to be, I don’t often see how and where we can make choices that benefit us without them being a detriment to others.

What Kind of Plant Are You?

Episode 54: “What Kind of Plant Are You?”

With their respective “birthday seasons“ in full swing, Tawny and JDK discuss all the BS stories we can make up about birthdays, passage of time, how we “should“ look at those things, and why they are often sources of unnecessary stress. Why do we do that? More importantly, how can we stop doing that? As you might expect, Tawny and JDK have some ideas!

Weeding Through the B.S

Episode 53: “Weeding Through the B.S.”

Breaking up with our BS isn’t a one-time thing. In fact, it’s a lot like weeding the garden; it takes regular effort in order for all the desired growth to happen successfully. The key to doing this is slowing down into the body, which then provides the pause and patience we need to calm down and better discern the choices we DO have in this moment.

Your Sports Team Is A Load Of B.S.

Episode 52: “Your Sports Team is a Load of B.S.”

Tawny and JDK discuss the importance of recognizing when we are needlessly adding stress to our system when confronting both difficult and exciting circumstances. Whether it’s moving through grief or stressing over the performance of our favorite sports teams, adding in BS Stress does nothing good for us, and pulls us away from whatever is really happening in our lives right now.

Let There Be Values

Episode 51: “Let There Be Values”

In response to listener requests, Tawny and JDK circle back to the topic of Values; what are they, and why are they so vital to navigating our way to a less stressful life? How do we determine what are our most important ones? And what does it really mean to “live” by them? Listening to this episode is a fantastic place to start for answers!

Your Wholeness Knows Things

Episode 50: “Your Wholeness Knows Things”

Tawny and JDK discuss the challenges many people encounter with getting into the body as opposed to operating from only a headspace. Why and how is integrating the mind and the body – with the body actually leading the way – so crucial to our overall health and well-being? Get into your body and experience the answer!

Non-Negotiable Options

Episode 49: Non-Negotiable Options

Luxuriating in the the sunshine of summer, Tawny and JDK explore how our external environment affects us and how we can develop non-negotiable internal practices to help us balance out those externals and give us more meaning and enjoyment – and peace – in our lives.

Our 1th Birthday!

Episode 48: Our 1th Birthday!

Tawny and JDK celebrate and reflect on the first year of the BUWOBS podcast, taking a look at what they’ve learned about themselves and each other along the way. And as always, they discover new insights and more connection points despite their very different ways of being and living. Bet you can relate with at least one of them!

The World’s Okayness Starts With You

Episode 47: “The World’s Okayness Starts With You”

With so much of consequence seemingly going on in the world, Tawny and JDK explore the ways in which we can be OK in ourselves – by connecting with our bodies first – and thus better respond to the challenges the world presents us. By reducing our own suffering we can take better steps to help improve the world around us – all without having to fight or flee from those with whom we disagree.