Got stories about yourself, others, the world, the future, or anything else that causes you stress, grief, or hopelessness? Well, the good news is that we ALL have those stories. The even better news, though, is that we can all learn how to break up with those stories and perspectives that no longer serve us. That is what this podcast, Breaking Up With our Bullsh!t, is all about. Integration expert Tawny Sanabria and historian and author JDK Wyneken help you move on and discover the strengths inside you.

Latest Episodes

Did Curiosity Really Kill the Cat?”

Episode 72: “Did Curiosity Really Kill the Cat?”
What makes curiosity so powerful and helpful in our lives when we come at it from a place of Presence? There is liberation and ease and freedom in being more open to possibilities, to not needing to find answers too quickly, and to bringing us closer to clarity. Allowing ourselves time to experience such things keeps the BS stories at a distance!

The Shoe of Doom

Episode 71: “The Shoe of Doom”
The story of “waiting for the other shoe to drop” can be one of the most powerful and prevalent BS stories out there. How can we recognize that story when we see it? And what can we learn from it? As it turns out, there’s quite a bit of value in seeing this in ourselves. 

The Heart Doesn’t Travel Through Time

Episode 70: “The Heart Doesn’t Travel Through Time”
Tawny nearly knocks JDK out of his seat – twice – in this episode, first by reframing “mindfulness” as “heartfulness” and then by truth-bombing him with an amazing time travel metaphor that illustrates the power of being centered in our bodies instead of staying stuck in our heads. It’s powerful stuff for us all!

Real Adulting Is Fun and Free

Episode 69: “Real Adulting Is Fun and Free” Tawny and JDK tackle “adulting” in this episode! We so often talk about it in negative terms. But what if it was actually fun and free of old coping mechanisms that no longer serve us? What can we discover about it that keeps the fun we enjoy and the meaning we want?

Intention is to Consistency As Blue is to Sky. No, Really – We Mean It

Episode 68: “Intention is to Consistency As Blue is to Sky. No, Really – We Mean It.”

A new year is often a time for new resolutions and goals, though as Tawny and JDK explore in this episode, we often sabotage ourselves by pursuing perfection in these efforts instead of developing consistency.

Tawny’s Laziest Day in Decades

Episode 67: “Tawny’s Laziest Day in Decades”

Fresh off a timely holiday, Tawny and JDK delve into what each of then experienced during their respective “down times,” including the surprising arrival of a rare Lazy Day for Tawny and a Grinch-like morning for JDK. What did they make of them? The answers might surprise you….

The Crazy Train On Route 66

Episode 66: “The Crazy Train On Route 66”

Ever get so lost in your BS stories that you can’t remember when they started or how long they’ve been in control of you? Tawny and JDK talk about the ways in which we can learn to not board that “crazy train” in the first place!

Don’t Check Your Busy List – Chuck It!

Episode 65: “Don’t Check Your Busy List – Chuck It!”

Tawny and JDK explore the BS-Story Breeding Ground that is the dreaded “Busy List” of all the things we feel we “must” or “should” get done all the time. How can we better frame pie responsibilities and daily work / life routines? How and why do we make these more difficult than they need to be? Get some ideas to apply right away by taking a listen!

Not This Holiday BS Again?!?!

Episode 64: “Not This Holiday BS Again?!?!?”

With the holiday season upon us, Tawny and JD K talk about all the different types of BS stories that can inundate us during the holidays. How can we better navigate the difficulties that seem to come through the messaging of media and both external and internal pressures for things to be “perfect“?

Grief, Gratitude, and Beef Stew

Episode 63: “Grief, Gratitude, and Beef Stew”

Tawny returns from her hiatus to talk about how grief and gratitude are inseparable from one another, and in fact reinforce all the beauty and meaning we can find in life even if it’s toughest moments.