Got stories about yourself, others, the world, the future, or anything else that causes you stress, grief, or hopelessness? Well, the good news is that we ALL have those stories. The even better news, though, is that we can all learn how to break up with those stories and perspectives that no longer serve us. That is what this podcast, Breaking Up With our Bullsh!t, is all about. Integration expert Tawny Sanabria and historian and author JDK Wyneken help you move on and discover the strengths inside you.

Latest Episodes

“I’m Bored” is a BS Story!

Episode 89: “I’m Bored” is a BS Story! 
Tawny and JDK discuss how boredom isn’t a real feeling; instead, it is more a state of avoidance of whatever is really happening inside us, underneath the BS stories that keep us disconnected from the creativity and curiosity we each can tap into for our own benefit. From a space grounded in our bodies, we can better see beyond the simple “boredom” label and really see what is happening inside us, which will give us a better sense of where and how we are in any given moment. And nothing about that sensibility is boring!

Wondering About Wondering

 Episode 88: Wondering About Wondering
What would it be like if we approached things from a place of “wondering” rather than from a more outcome / controlling perspective? Tawny and JDK discuss the power of this perspective and approach in this week’s episode, highlighting how the removal of arbitrary agendas from our relationships and in our own lives is one of the most beneficial results a “wondering” focus can provide. 

Simplicity Beats Complexity

Episode 87: Simplicity Beats Complexity
How often do we make things in our lives more complex than necessary? Why do we do so? And what if we connected more with the reality of simplicity? What might that open up for us? Tawny and JDK tackle these and more questions in this episode, underscoring the power of simplicity to provide more ease, clarity, and resilience in our daily lives. 

The Art of Listening: To Ourselves

Episode 86: “The Art of Listening: To Ourselves”
Building off of last week’s episode, Tawny and JDK discuss how we can learn to better listen to ourselves – it takes practice of getting into the body and learning to listen to what it tells us. This can help us better discern what is a BS story and what is actually true for ourselves in any given situation. What results from the practice of this can be more acceptance, ease, and flow – and who doesn’t want more of those? 

The Art of Listening: To Others

Episode 85: “The Art of Listening: To Others”
We all want to “be heard” in our relationships, and we need others in order to be heard! So how do we become better listeners? What does that really mean when we do that from a place of attunement within the body? The results are far different than if we are only hearing from a thinking space. Tawny and JDK dig into these differences and what they produce for ourselves and others when we do our part as listeners. 

The “Flinging Your Poo” Series #10: “Finding ‘The One'”

Episode 84 – The “Flinging Your Poo” Series #10: “Finding ‘The One'” 

In the final installment of this special series, Tawny and JDK tackle the huge BS stories involved in – and which stand behind – the myth of finding “the One” person to spend our lives with, are destined to be with, etc. What are the roots of this “need”? How might we be BSing ourselves and avoiding reality? And what would we say if we knew – and experienced – that relationships based in reality are truly the ones that are wonderful?? Take a listen and see what comes up for you!

The “Flinging Your Poo” Series #9: “I Am All Alone”

Episode 83 – The “Flinging Your Poo” Series #9: “I Am All Alone”
Tawny and JDK explore all the BS stories inherent in telling ourselves – from any emotional state – that we are “all alone.” What gets in the way of connecting with others? Or, perhaps more importantly, with ourselves? What are some of the better questions we can ask ourselves to debunk those BS stories? See what you think of the perspectives they provide!

The “Flinging Your Poo” Series #8: “I’m Broken”

Episode 82: The “Flinging Your Poo” Series #8: “I’m Broken”

There are few conceptual phrases that are more limiting than this one – seeing ourselves as utilitarian objects that can only be “used” until they break, leaving them as “no good.” Tawny and JDK tackle this harmful bit of self-language in this week’s episode, shining a light on how we actually really are – living things that grow and do not ever really break. What does this shift in perception make possible for us going forward? If you know anyone who sees themselves this way, be sure to share this conversation with them!

The “Flinging Your Poo” Series #7: “I don’t have the time!”

Episode 81 – The “Flinging Your Poo” Series #7: “I don’t have the time!”

Tawny and JDK explore all the assumptions and disempowerment that exist in how we tell ourselves we don’t have enough time for “all the things” in our lives. What is actually happening when we say that? What are we giving away that we might keep to empower ourselves? How can we become more open to asking ourselves the tough questions about how we are choosing to spend our time and why? If you’ve ever said this phrase to yourself, you’ll find something to take away from this conversation!

The ‘Flinging Your Poo’ Series #6: Too Many Words

Episode 80 – The ‘Flinging Your Poo’ Series #6: Too Many Words 

We often communicate with words, but when do a lot of words become the enemy of clarity, peace, and connection? How can we learn and be open to what FEWER words can reveal to us?