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Thinking with People

Greg and Stacy start with a brief recap from the last show when a call comes in from Maureen in Everett. Maureen shares she has an adult daughter with MS who’s experienced multiple traumas and likely experiences PTSD; she confesses she struggles to listen to her daughter because she goes on and on and has refused counseling. Greg offers some suggestions and support for Maureen and her daughter before turning to today’s topic of thinking with people. Greg gives a simple solution to practice for staying present and in the moment so the other person can feel heard. To learn more about Greg and his practice, go to

Listen Up

Greg decides to zig from his most recent line of discussion partly inspired by some new clients seeking relationship counseling. He shares that we don’t just learn how to cope and react based on past experiences, we learn how to listen and react as well which places us squarely back in autopilot and avoidance mode. Greg talks about active listening, being vulnerable, and how important it is that our partners FEEL heard. Next week Greg will talk about the steps to be a better active listener. To learn more about Greg, go to

Who’s in Charge?

Without awareness, we’ve allowed our lives to be run from our past experiences and the emotional charge accompanying those experiences. Greg looks at how our choices can change this dynamic and the control returned to the present moment in our awareness.

The Transformers: Forgive & Forget

Greg reviews the last episode and reminds listeners how our wounds are inflicted; slowly, over time, layer by layer, sometimes by others and often, by ourselves. From there he talks about how to address our wounds, with intention, grace, and compassion versus judgement and shame. Ultimately, while we shouldn’t forget about our wounds, we should forgive ourselves and others so we can fully heal. To learn more about Greg, go to

Transformers; Facilitating Intent

Per usual Greg reviews last week’s episode, reminding listeners about the power of intention and how every action is created by us, as is the resulting effect. Because we typically choose actions that result in a negative experience because we follow the path forged by our autopilot. Greg also reviews how we develop emotionally from birth on and why compassion training is vital when it comes to regarding others and ourselves. Lastly, Greg shares a letter from a listener in response to the April 25th episode and expands on his thoughts around the posed question. To learn more about Greg, go to

Intentions as Vectors

After a brief review of the last episode, Greg picks up where he left off reminding listening that as we begin to explore awareness, we start to realize that the illusions we’ve created aren’t offering safety, they’re keeping us stagnate. The negative experiences we have tell us our lives are not working. We need to vibrate our energy on a level that welcomes growth of any kind and to get there we need to remove the bandages, thus the start of a healing journey where intention determines where our attention goes. To learn more about Greg, go to

Do I really have to go there?

At the Root debuts the new hourlong format. Greg introduces new listeners to the show, giving them background on the show, its’ purpose and how to connect to him live or otherwise. After a short break, Greg explains that wounds left untended may fester leading to feelings of anger or resentment. He poses the question, “If our “True Self” was the part wounded, who applied the bandages?” He also shares a mantra to use as a reminder that we are a masterpiece in the making. Lastly, newly engaged Jason calls into the program asking about staying connected for the long-haul. To learn more about Greg, go to

The Healing Journey

Greg shares a big announcement – At the Root will now air live on Mondays from 3-4pm PST on Alternative Talk 1150 AM radio! The additional time will allow Greg to expand on content and explain it in more depth with examples. He’ll also welcome guests such as other practitioners and encourage people to call or message him with specific questions. With this episode, Greg encourages listeners to start on their Healing Journey, open to infinite possibilities. To learn more about Greg, go to

Undressing The Wounds

Greg picks up where he left off talking about the illusions we create because of emotional wounds. To deal with these illusions, we create coping mechanisms like anger, denial, addiction, avoidance, etc. that Greg refers to as bandages. These bandages don’t address the wounds, they merely dress them, or cover them up. Surprisingly, Greg explains that before we can remove the bandages, it is important to access the wounds, not the other way round. To learn more about Greg, go to

Deconstructing the Illusions

Reviewing the concept of illusions and how they function as part of our autopilot, Greg reiterates how without awareness, our illusions are in control. As our sphere of influence grows,…