Animal Calls

Animal calls is a live call-in radio program featuring certified animal behaviorist Karpathia Kingsley. The show helps listeners explore and understand animal behavior, good or bad, and provides solutions for many problems caused by misunderstandings between pets and owners. This show applies real science to real problems of animal behavior.

Latest Episodes

Kitty that strays and dog that hates notifications

Karpathia takes calls from listeners dealing with a cat that won’t stay home and a sheltie that hates cell phone notifications, talks about the difference between cats and dogs and…

Fire And Smoke

Karpathia talks about her experience evacuating form wildfire with animals and takes listener calls from California and Nevada about kitties with anxiety, puppies ruff housing and more… Website:

Animal Calls show open

Join us LIVE Fridays at 12p PT for Animal Calls at or listen to the podcast whenever you ‘re ready. Remember the TV show “Frasier”, where he ran an…