Join Thomas and Becky Repp as they team up with Gary Mantz to bring you a new road trip adventure each week. American Road Trip Talk is your chance to discover the backroads that embody true Americana. As the owners and producers of award-winning American Road magazine, Thomas and Becky want your future road trip to be both interesting and exciting. By teaming up with veteran radio broadcaster, Gary Mantz, they offer up valuable road trip planning information.

Latest Episodes

Tupelo To Graceland -Happy 85th Birthday Elvis

Elvis Presley aka The King of Rock and Roll, left a great legacy of popular songs, hit movies and a beautiful home called Graceland which is still a top tourist destination in Memphis, Tennessee. From hardscrabble roots in the delta town of Tupelo, Mississippi to the heights of fame and fortune, the journey of Elvis can be traced from home to home in a single day. We discuss the pilgrimage millions have made by auto with Elvis expert, Cory Cooper.

Remembering 2019 and Welcoming 2020

Our last program of 2019 fondly recalls a wonderful man named Foster Braun who passed away in February: he was a warm-hearted professional whose love of broadcasting and long support of the American Road family left an inspiring Trip Talk legacy. Some honorable mentions of stories from the magazine round out an appreciation of 2019 even as we look ahead to the open road and more adventures to come in 2020.

American Road Trip Talk 12 – 13 – 19 100 Dream Cars With A.J. Baime

100 Dream Cars: The Best of “My Ride” is the latest book by car culture aficionado, New York Times best-selling author and Wall Street Journal “My Ride” columnist, A.J. Baime. It was hard to choose but A.J. selected one hundred cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles to fill the dream garage.

American Road Trip Talk 12 – 06 – 19 Book Publicist And Road Warrior Julia Brown

Road trips offer an endless array of amazing encounters. Write them down! Book publicist and Road Warrior Julia Brown maintains a journal of all the places she and her husband visit in North America. More than a keepsake, her copious notes prevent memories of great times and great places from fading. (San Antonio Riverwalk scene at

American Road Trip Talk 11 – 29 – 19 Rancho Buena Vista Adobe

A landmark that takes visitors back to Early California days, Rancho Buena Vista Adobe is a beautiful legacy of the Mission-to-Rancho transition period in what is now the Golden State. Nicole Strickland guides tours of the historic (and reportedly haunted) locale in the city of Vista, 30 minutes north of San Diego.

American Road Trip Talk 11 – 08 – 19 Legend Of Resurrection Mary

Edward McClelland, author of Folktales and Legends of the Middle West, details the tragic story of Resurrection Mary, celebrated for more than 80 years as Chicago’s most famous ghost. Her identity and untimely death in a car accident are the subject of extensive research and much speculation.