Join Thomas and Becky Repp as they team up with Gary Mantz to bring you a new road trip adventure each week. American Road Trip Talk is your chance to discover the backroads that embody true Americana. As the owners and producers of award-winning American Road magazine, Thomas and Becky want your future road trip to be both interesting and exciting. By teaming up with veteran radio broadcaster, Gary Mantz, they offer up valuable road trip planning information.

Latest Episodes

The First Thanksgiving And More

The holiday feast dates back to November 1621, when the newly arrived Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians gathered at Plymouth for an autumn harvest celebration, an event regarded as America’s “first Thanksgiving.” History merges with our personal recollections in this episode dedicated to America’s perennial time of gratitude.

SD And The World’s Only Corn Palace

The World’s Only Corn Palace is Mitchell’s premier tourist attraction. Some 500,000 tourists come from around the nation each year to see the uniquely designed corn murals. The city’s first Corn Palace was built as a way to prove to the world that South Dakota had a healthy agricultural climate. Today, the Palace is a cultural showpiece of the Prairie with cleverly designed themes. Thanks to for their information.

Tom Yamarone and the Bigfoot Highways

Tom Yamarone lives in California and has been researching Bigfoot for a long time. He is beloved in the Sasquatch community of believers and seekers. As a balladeer, Tom is sometimes referred to as the Bob Dylan of Bigfoot songs! In this Trip Talk episode, he shares from his comprehensive store of insights and experiences.

Harry Thomason and Stories You Never Heard

Harry Thomason is the Hollywood award-winning producer & director best known for the tremendously popular and iconic TV hits Designing Women, Evening Shade and Hearts Afire. His TV Miniseries,The Blue and The Gray won the prestigious People’s Choice Award. In his riveting podcast series, The Story You Never Heard, Harry vividly brings to life fascinating moments, intriguing events and thrilling if lesser known stories about people and places in history.

The Lively Ghosts of Port Gamble, WA

Built in 1853 as a company owned logging town, Port Gamble, Washington today is a Victorian vision out of time, a fun getaway with friendly locals and more than its share of resident ghosts. Matt Shea chronicles paranormal activity in the Pacific Northwest; he joins us to share a brief history of the town that once was home to sailors and society folk alike. Apparently some citizens liked it far too much to leave.

JoAnne Worley On Safely Traveling With Your Pets

JoAnne Worley’s instinctive comedic timing and irrepressible laugh make her a favorite of audiences everywhere. Her work runs the gamut from television, movie and stage productions to game shows, talk shows, commercials, cartoons and opera. For more than 40 years she has been involved with the organization Actors and Others for Animals (founded 1971), which funds spay-and-neuter programs, and provides veterinary financial assistance to pet guardians in Southern California. Since 2007, JoAnne has served as president of the organization. Her expertise in safe and enjoyable travel with pets is known and trusted far and wide.

The Sport Of Kings With Marie D. Jones

Once the proverbial phrase for hunting, now “Sport of Kings” typically is used to exalt the world of thoroughbred horse-racing, although the earliest uses of the expression related to war, as in the days of King Arthur. We talk with Marie D. Jones about the Kentucky Derby, Triple Crown and famous racing venues from coast to coast that have been elevated to shrine status.

Wisconsin In The Wild With Erika Nelson

Erika Nelson is back again with the highlights of her latest foray into the wilds of artistic expression. Being an independent artist and educator, Erika is always up for a new cultural safari as she explores contemporary art forms in the public realm. Next stop: Wisconsin.

emcore- Erika Nelson’s Trip To Tulsa And The Golden Driller Statue

Erika Nelson is an independent artist and educator, exploring the fringes of art and culture as experienced on the back roads and offbeat roadside attractions that dot the American landscape. Her recent exploration of Tulsa, Oklahoma got her up close and personal with a celebrated statue known as the Golden Driller and other memorable landmarks deep in oil country.

Wildfires! Will Your Road Trip Dreams Survive?

With an explosion of wildfires consuming millions of acres and threatening lives in the Western United States, travelers are forced to reconsider their plans for dreamed-of road trips to the region. Mark Greene of Cars Yeah discusses the enormous impact on residents and visitors alike.