Join Thomas and Becky Repp as they team up with Gary Mantz to bring you a new road trip adventure each week. American Road Trip Talk is your chance to discover the backroads that embody true Americana. As the owners and producers of award-winning American Road magazine, Thomas and Becky want your future road trip to be both interesting and exciting. By teaming up with veteran radio broadcaster, Gary Mantz, they offer up valuable road trip planning information.

Latest Episodes

Anson Williams- Still Finding Happy Days

Anson Williams, famous for his role as Potsie Weber on Happy Days, keeps faith with the idea that happy days are still “yours and mine” in the here and now….

Going Mobile: COVID-Safe Auto Tours in 2021

Frequent “Trip Talk” contributor Erika Nelson is back, this time with lots to share about COVID-safe roadside attractions. Included are Butch Anthony’s drive through museum in Alabama; the Enchanted Highway…

Last Cop Standing- Hank Garrett And “Car 54”

Classic TV actor Hank Garrett joins us for a round of nostalgic talk about his improbable rise from childhood poverty in Harlem to a rewarding life in Hollywood. Mr. Garrett…

M*A*S*H Goes to Malibu

The 4077th took up prime time on American television for 11 memorable seasons. The set for the legendary M*A*S*H series also took up some prime real estate in Malibu, California….

Car Culture Curators And Driving The New Year

Cars Yeah creator and host Mark Greene has an unquenchable passion for automobile technology and the countless places it can take us. To start 2021, we talk with Mark once…

Famed Christmas Light Displays Of Puget Sound

Fantasy Lights is a drive-through Christmas light display located just south of Tacoma. It’s the largest holiday drive-through event in the Northwest, featuring nearly 300 elaborate displays and thousands of…