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Experience. One word that can spell the difference between success and failure. For those who keep an open mind and humbly seek out those with experience, the odds of finding a fresh perspective and achieving a desired goal increases exponentially.

For over three years, Paul Casey, host of Voices of EXPERIENCE and founder of Casey Communications, Inc., has welcomed guests to his radio show in an effort to inform and inspire listeners. His special brand of clear and candid discussion with guests of vast and varying experiences has become a welcome respite for those weary of “shock talk” and self-aggrandizing media.

Benny Mathers, Producer, joins him in the studio each week, and Paul credits him with helping the radio show sound its technical best.

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October is scary good on Jupiter Rising!

Join Eileen Grimes, host, and Doug Johnston, co-host, of Jupiter Rising for your dose of astrology and metaphysics to empower your life! October is no exception as great guests are planned throughout the month. October is Author Month on the Jupiter Rising show! Four different authors that will grace the airwaves this month: First is Matt Shea, who is a …

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International Podcast Day™ is today!

There are over 750,000 podcasters around the world. The movement is definitely growing. But what is podcasting? What is in it for you, the listener? And why a day dedicated to the creative craft? Head over here to learn more about International Podcast Day™ To listen to some wonderful podcasts, click here and listen to some your favorite Alternative Talk …

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Creating new life stories. . .one retreat at a time

Coach Debby, host of Story U Radio, invites you to tune in Thursday, September 26th at 4 p.m., as she interviews J Muenz, a creator of special retreats that create both purposeful story-telling, and story-making for attendees. The episode is titled, Invite Your Clients to Create NEW Life Stories, and promises to deliver useful advice on creating effective retreats. Debby …

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Latest Podcasts

Dr. John Knutson, PacMed: Distinguish allergies from CoVID symptoms

Dr. John Knutson is a physician with Pac Med and with his specialties being in the fields of Allergy and Immunology, he brings good and important knowledge--afterall, knowledge is power! So, if dealing with CoVID 19, were not enough, we have allergy season going on, and that is just making our life a bit more…

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Guest astrologers Amanda Pierce and Shannon Hayes of Seattle comprise the panel. Amanda Pierce holds a B.A in Psychology, providing astrology ad Energy Work Consultations, and Empowerment-based Meditation Teacher. Shannon Hayes, Certified Evolutionary Astrologer, Consultant includes Mayan Astrology and a sky-based astrology. She’s an entrepreneur, owning a hair designer salon. Past Cosmic Collaboration panels on…

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