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People who know Marilyn Milano know that she is dedicated to helping improve the lives of animals, especially those of our K9 friends. For well over three years, she has hosted Love Has Many Faces, heard Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on Alternative Talk 1150. Each week, Marilyn interviews dedicated people and organizations doing great work on behalf of animals.

“I have always been interested in helping animals and have done everything from volunteer work to giving support via donations, attending auctions, and just helping distribute information,” said Marilyn, adding, “One day I realized I could do my own radio show and get lots of information out about rescue groups, and the products and services that help animals and their people.”

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Tallk Cosmos notes for coming week(s)

Due to sports interruptions, Talk Cosmos’ show from Dec 14 includes the Dec 21 Solstice and the Christmas eve eclipse. Meaning, that show will rerun on Thursday mornings Dec 19 and 26 at 6-7am.  Please make a note of this and, as a special announcement, your host Sue Rose Minahan says she has a promotion to send out free 2020 …

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Talk Cosmos lines up special show this month

Talk Cosmos will air on 12/14 at 6 p.m. (repeats 12/19 at 6 a.m. and 12/26 at 6 a.m.). The 12/21 show will not air due to a sports conflict on the station. “The Dec 14 program, and associated repeats, will be Jupiter Impacts Capricorn,” said Sue Rose Minahan, host, adding, “Talk Cosmos has a special campaign all December for …

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Vistors lead to revelations

Tune in Thursday, December 12th at 8 a.m. (repeats Monday, December 16th at 6 a.m.), for The Original Loretta Brown Show. Loretta will be interviewing Penny Kelly. Beginning in 1979, Penny Kelly experienced a series of life-altering visitations. The visits were designed to show her the future of our planet, keying in on the United States in particular. The messengers …

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Conscious Talk launches new broadcast plan for 2020

Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears, hosts of the popular Conscious Talk Radio program, have decided to adjust their broadcast schedule for 2020. “As 2020 approaches there are many changes happening. A big change for us, and Conscious Talk Radio, is to broadcast live on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and play the “best of” consciousness shifting interviews on Fridays, ranging from natural …

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Angels can be powerful allies

While some people think of angels as being sweet, loving, heavenly beings who sit around singing and playing the harp, in The Angel Experiment: A 21-Day Magical Adventure to Heal Your Life, author Corin Grillo assures readers that angels are actually powerful allies who are always available to help them manifest the health, wealth, and life of their dreams. Learn …

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Anticipating the Solar New Moon Eclipse

Tune in Saturday, December 7th at 6 p.m. (repeats Thursday, December 12th at 6 a.m.) for Talk Cosmos, as Host, Sue Rose Minahan interviews Ursula Stockder. Ursula is a fine artist, astrologer, mythologist, Tarot, also studied Jungian Psychology, Thanatology along with art history, painting and been part of more than 30 individual and collective exhibitions. Their subject for the day: …

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Talk Cosmos: Jupiter enters Capricorn

Tune in Saturday, November 30th at 6 p.m. (repeats Thursday, December 5th at 6 a.m. for Talk Cosmos as the spotlight shines on Jupiter and Capricorn. “Jupiter naturally rules the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of the centaur that points his arrow towards the Galactic center. A Centaur is half man and half horse Exemplifying the forces of our nature …

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Psychic Spectrum talks CBD oil

Tune in Tuesday, December 3rd at 1 p.m. (repeats Saturday, December 7th at noon) for The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show, as hosts, Skip and Sha’ron talk CBD oil benefits with two special guests. “Phil and Sheila are the developers and producers of SP3 CBD Oil. This product is about the purest and most effective CBD Oil produced today. It is …

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