On this week’s Interrupted: Act 2 Reinventing Your Legacy- A Nightmare Turns into a Dream Life

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On this week’s Interrupted: Act 2 Reinventing Your Legacy, host Laurie Hardie- April Provost decided to put away her shame and accept a hand up.  She talks about putting away judgement bias and self-loathing and how it lead her to a life she never imagined what possible.  She talks about the stigma of drug addiction and the journey of holding her head high because she is in recovery and doing the hard work.  She took the baby steps that have lead her to be able to help hundreds showing them the way out of the mire.



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Are you feeling like a “has been?” Like all the life fulfilling things are behind you and you are missing out?

Do you wonder if people will remember you and your legacy?

Are you afraid you missed the boat and have some regrets? Wishing you were brave enough to do that thing, live that dream but now it is just too late? You are too old?

Good news!! Hi there, I’m Laurie and I felt the same way! It seemed like life was passing me by as I was a single mom raising three kids on my own.  Making decisions that where good for the family but not in line with the dreams I held.  Doing what was right to support them.  I struggled with depression and feeling like my “good life” was over. I was over 50 when my youngest graduated high school and I thought I missed out on everything. Now what? I re invented my dream, told a friend and started walking in the direction I was terrified of and boy, did I get a lot of nos.  I persevered and you can too.

I persevered because I listened to people who had overcome challenges, rediscovered their purpose, found fulfillment after 60, started over, created their Act 2, embraced change and new beginnings. Thank you to those who were brave enough to share so we would have hope and believe in a possible future filled with joy.  You will even hear some brave souls get coached into their Act 2.

Grab your coffee or tea and that beautiful journal you just bought to secretly think about your dreams and get ready to go for a ride.  I am talking with lots of people just like you who in their second act of life made big changes reinvented themselves creating a life they love. It is so do able and they are going to share how they did it. I just know you are going to be encouraged and maybe even come up with a plan for your Act 2.

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Coach Laurie

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