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October is scary good on Jupiter Rising!

Join Eileen Grimes, host, and Doug Johnston, co-host, of Jupiter Rising for your dose of astrology and metaphysics to empower your life! October is no exception as great guests are planned throughout the month. October is Author Month on the Jupiter Rising show! Four different authors that will grace the airwaves this month:

  • First is Matt Shea, who is a regular on the show, and always provides interesting and a lot of commonsense. He has authored many books about the underdog, which are very inspirational.
  • The next guest is Jane Fitzpatrick, a screenwriter who is in development of a movie on Sacagawea.
  • The third guest is author John O’Dowd, who has written two books about the star, Barbara Payton.
  • Finally, the fourth guest is noted astrologer, Kim Rogers, who has also authored two books!

Tune in to the Jupiter Rising Show all this month at 11 a.m. for some wonderful entertainment (and brain expanding stuff too)!

Eileen has been an astrologer for 29 years and loves to share just how powerful astrology can be in guiding our lives. Her approach is very psychological, with a metaphysical and spiritual slant, and finally, a down to earth perspective.

Doug has also been an astrologer for 29 years, and is extremely gifted as a psychic. His sense of perspective and sense of humor bring a lot of joy into the Jupiter Rising broadcasts!

Jupiter is about all things expanding and evolving in consciousness and each week she offers listeners a wide spectrum of events and guests during the show.
“The overriding goal, always, is to help you understand yourself in a whole new way, and to give you a chance to take a pause, and go “hmmm” as the light bulb goes on in your own soul,” Eileen said.

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