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Mystic Radio unviels new and exciting format!

Mystic Radio for Past Lives, People & Pets will debut Wednesday Sept. 4, 2019 at 12 p.m. (repeats Sundays at 12 p.m.) Familiar hosts Robin Alexis and Bob Bordonaro will be joined by Dr. Nels as they launch a fresh format for their heritage radio show.

“The intention of Mystic Radio has always been to enhance your ability to know, trust and act upon your own knowing, and to encourage all of us to have a healthy mind, body spirit and soul,” said Robin.

Last June, Robin was tested on whether or not she actually practices what she teaches. She does listen. She received a message from Spirit to take a hiatus from Mystic Radio for the first time in 14 years. She took the summer off, and now she is coming back with the new Mystic Radio, but with the same intention to help you Know, Trust and Act Upon Your Own Knowing!

Here is why Robin was guided by Spirit to create a new Mystic Radio program:

  • Our own Knowing comes from our intuition. What is your intuition? It’s your Soul’s Knowledge from the lessons your Soul has learned throughout all of its incarnations.
  • Knowing the treasure of your Soul’s Wisdom from your PAST LIVES is the most efficient way to Know, Trust and Act Upon Your Own Knowing.
  • Imagine creating your present and future life experiences from all of your Soul’s wisdom. It’s for that reason Robin created the new show, Mystic Radio for Past Lives, People and Pets.

Robin looks forward to taking your Live-On-Air calls, saying, “Let’s unlock your Soul’s Wisdom by discovering what your past lives are telling you about the present!”

In addition to offering Past Life Readings live on Mystic Radio, Robin is very excited to be joined by a very special regular guest on the new show. He’s Dr. Nels.

Dr. Nels works with people on their pets, remotely, all over the world, and assists them to restore health and mobility to their pets when nothing else works.

Both Robin and Bob say it is their honor to share Dr. Nels and his unique skills with the Mystic Radio audience.

Get your pet questions ready for Dr. Nels, and your Past Life questions for Robin Alexis when you call into the new Mystic Radio for Past Lives, People and Pets!

Learn more on Facebook.

Robin looks forward to being of service to you on the Alternative Talk 1150 airwaves again!

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