Mystic Radio for Past Lives, People and Pets celebrates its one year anniversary!


Executive Producer of Mystic Radio, Bob Bordonaro and host Robin Alexis came up with an idea one year ago.

They invited Pet Expert and Energy Balancer Nels Rasmussen to join the show as a co-host. That changed the focus of Mystic Radio to include Pets and Past Lives.

“The show has been a big hit with these two spectacular healers,” said Bob.

The Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis program has been on Alternative Talk 1150 since 2008, an amazing run in the very competitive field of radio broadcasting.

At first Robin Alexis was only giving past life readings for people and Nels was only working on pets, but the show soon evolved with Robin and Nels collaborating on all of the callers about any of their concerns.

The feedback is astounding from callers on how Robin’s and Nel’s work has helped them or their pets to feel better and heal.

One caller said, “they work together like peanut butter and jelly.”  That’s in spite of the fact that Robin and Nels only give people a brief couple of moments of their time on the radio, which is nothing like having a full session with either of them.

Why are Robin Alexis and Nels Rasmussen getting these great results on Mystic Radio?  Bob cites these three reasons:

  1. There is a group consciousness with the three hosts, Robin, Nels and Bob, and the listeners, that amplifies their healing work.
  2. Robin and Nels are laser focused on the biggest energetic issues that are presenting at that moment.
  3. Robin and Nels are working at the level of “Cause.”

Robin Alexis is not a physician, and Nels Rasmussen is not a veterinarian.  You are advised to seek medical attention for yourself, or veterinary attention for your pets, if conditions persist.

What Robin and Nels do, Bob says, is to see the energic situation, each in their own way, and provide what they know how to do to remove the interference, or balance the energy body so that the spirit within can fully express itself.

“That’s what spiritual healing is all about, bringing healing and wholeness together through allowing perfect spirit to express its perfection,” said Bob.

Be sure to call in to Mystic Radio for Past Lives, People and Pets every Wednesday at 12 p.m. (PST) 3 p.m. (Eastern) time and receive spiritual healings for you and your pets.

Congratulations Robin, Bob and Nels on your One Year Anniversary!