Modern day trailblazers featured on Susan Harmon Experience – SHE


Tune in the Susan Harmon Experience – SHE, Friday, September 25th at 12 p.m. as Susan interviews Ben Dinwiddie talking about his covered wagon journey with his wife, daughter, three sons and assorted livestock. The trip spanned from Wisconsin to California. The family traveled 10 miles a day and truly saw the country.

Something unique in the New Age, The Susan Harmon Experience – SHE where metaphysics is grounded. A practical visionary, Susan Harmon discusses with her varied guests everything in our world from relationships to music, the environment to corruption, healing modalities to books and art and always with an eye towards positive solutions to both personal and world issues. Connect the dots with Susan as she addresses both spirituality and social justice issues that impact all our lives. Your calls are welcome during the program. In addition to being an author and life consultant, Susan offers up to her listeners her many metaphysical and healing skills. Outside of radio, Susan works, with both groups and individuals as they explore the inner and outer forces affecting their lives. See her work in the documentary, Craigslist Joe.

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