Mercury’s 2nd water sign retrograde discussed on Talk Cosmos

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Join your friends at Talk Cosmos, Saturday, June 13th at 6 p.m. (repeats Thursday, June 18th at 6 a.m.) as Sue Rose Minahan welcomes Dr. Tadd to discuss Mercury’s second of its three 2020 water-sign retrogrades from June 18 at 14°45′ Cancer to July 12, 2020 at 5°30′ Cancer.

“The planet’s retrograde motion along the ecliptic path only appears so from our view from planet Earth also known as Gaia. Mercury connects the stories of our lives. Mercury brings definition and a narration to the emotions we feel and experience,” said Sue, adding, “We reflect as Mercury retraces these degrees and experience revisiting ideas, stories, and the events significant during the times. In mythology, Mercury, known as Hermes in ancient Greece, was the messenger god of Jupiter or the Greek Zeus, king of gods. Only Hermes, or Mercury, could travel across the boundaries between the spirit world to the underworld of the deceased. Mercury in Cancer connects our needing to express our emotions, and tell our stories, to embrace our compassion and sense of family, our roots and foundation.”

Join the monthly edition of the Gemini Planet Buzz as Sue welcomes Dr. Laura Tadd of Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. Dr. Tadd holds a PhD in Human Science, is internationally known as a Psychological Astrologer consultant, and teaches and lectures on astrology both in-person and online. Dr. Tadd blogs, with written articles for the Mountain Astrologer, Celestial Vibes and She has served on regional and international boards. Currently, both as an astrologer and educator, Dr. Tadd participates as a facilitator and board member at Lived Life Resources, an educational nonprofit specializing in resiliency education, research and advocacy.

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“Thankfully, I discovered Evolutionary astrology. Its perspective points directly to our unique personal spiritual soul growth…driven by our aligned intentions.  Its promising purpose of soul growth ignited an entirely alive Zodiac. Captured, I felt compelled to study the deep significance of astrological application,” said Sue.

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