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Marilyn Monroe torch is passed

Robin Alexis, host of Mystic Radio, which airs live from Mystical Mount Shasta California on Alternative Talk 1150, KKNW in Seattle on Wednesdays at 12 noon (PST).  She is also known as the “Marilyn Monroe Medium.”

In September 2016 Marilyn told Robin Alexis that the most touching professional moment in her career was singing to our American Troops during the Korean War.  She asked Robin to create “The Legacy of Marilyn Monroe,” which would begin a fundraising event to honor our troops as part of her legacy.

In November 2016 Robin launched a Veteran’s Day fundraiser for “The Legacy of Marilyn Monroe” on Alternative Talk 1150. Thousands of dollars were donated to Pets for Vets and Operation Homefront in both 2016 and 2017.

This year in 2018, Marilyn made another request through Robin Alexis.  She wanted Robin to pass the torch to someone else who could help Marilyn, from beyond the grave, with her legacy work.

This time Marilyn asked that a necklace be custom created and given to someone new who would carry on the Marilyn Monroe Legacy in another way.

Where would this mysterious necklace come from, and who would agree to do fundraisers for the legacy of Marilyn Monroe?

Robin contacted Seattle artist and jewelry designer Carole Weaks to see if she would be interested in this mystical request. Carole quickly agreed to donate her time researching and creating a one of kind necklace that would be given to the woman who would take on the responsibility of this fundraiser for the legacy of Marilyn Monroe! In her research, Carole discovered that Marilyn Monroe hadn’t owned very much jewelry.  She found a simple pearl necklace that Marilyn had owned and created one that looked similar.

The Legacy of Marilyn Monroe Board selected Kassandra Carroll to be the recipient of the necklace.

Kassandra is a tribute actress and singer who accepted the honor of wearing this necklace and offering her time and talent to a fundraising project which 100% of all proceeds will go to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, as the next phase of the legacy of Marilyn Monroe. Kassandra Carroll is currently producing a DVD and CD about the life of Marilyn Monroe.  The DVD is comprised of one of kind interviews with people who actually knew and worked with Marilyn, and the CD will be Kassandra Carroll singing songs that Marilyn actually sang herself.

Stay tuned to Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis to find out how you will be able to purchase “The Legacy of Marilyn Monroe” tribute CD & DVD.

Here is a picture of Kassandra Carroll:

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